The Obama Confession (5 of 7)

We find key stories in all of Obama’s speeches and letters that he is an illegal president. He refers to feeding his kids junk food during the campaign—suggesting he fed the American people phony information. He alludes to being an unconventional president who lives “above the office” suggesting above the rule of law. Above all his inauguration speech strikingly reveals his entire story. He begins with an immediate super intelligence confession that he has stormed against the presidential oath as an illegal president attacking the America’s constitution as an illegal president, creating a constitutional crisis (referencing crisis six times). He mentions two key stories where his super intelligence specifically reveals a Kenyan birth and an illegal presidency.

Repeatedly his deeper moral compass refers to the need for living by the Constitution with innumerable direct and indirect references. Having established the enormous fury he will direct at America, he closes his inauguration speech with a powerful appeal. Obama unconsciously pleads for America to stop him and his illegal destructive presidency—insisting the future of America is at stake.

Under pressure Obama releases his birth certificate in April 2011. His super intelligence with a new opportunity to read him reveals he has produced a phony birth certificate.

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