Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

Psychology of Success

Knowledge is power.

Daily, we encounter people who provide rich object lessons in just how difficult success can be to manage.

Defined simply, success means achieving our best and helping those around us to achieve their best as well. Indeed there are secret rules of success that apply to careers, marriages, raising children, education, athletics, government, hobbies, and our spiritual lives. While we must develop our conscious thinking to enhance success, our conscious mind also presents major blind spots when it comes to maximizing success. Deep down success anxiety remains one of the most powerful motivations in the mind.

People have overlooked the pressures of success – including the temptation to stop short or give it back. But we have an entirely new lens for looking at success. We all possess an “inner success coach” which guides us toward our best helping us to recognize blind spots.

The facts are we have discovered deep down a new super intelligence in every one. We now know precisely how it quick-reads and how it speaks. We now have a whole new understanding of the mind and of motivation. Dr. Hodges reveals the major unconscious obstacles to success.

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