Madonna’s Secret Protest: the great disconnect—the vagina and the sacred womb

People around the world would be shocked if they could hear Madonna’s secret confession at the January 21 women’s protest march in Washington D.C.

Hidden in her profanity-laced attack on President Donald Trump and his supporters was the iconic entertainer’s admission from her heart of hearts—her “super mind”—that she understands that all life is sacred and that a woman’s right to choose an abortion is really a right to murder.

Put simply, the super mind is a deeper intelligence than our conscious mind. It perceives reality in far more detail than the conscious mind and is an expert at observing and analyzing deeper motives while insisting on the truth. As validated in original clinical research, we’ve found that the unconscious mind is a secret genius light years ahead of the conscious mind. Our super mind— the “other 90 percent of the human mind”—sees further, tells more and remains unfailingly honest.

Consciously thinking Madonna was spitting in Trump’s face and at his pro-life supporters, but her unconscious, see-all super mind was actually spitting into the teeth of the pro-choice/pro-abortion group which drove the protest. Thinking she was passionately speaking for pro-choice, secretly she was far more passionately confessing that she understands the violent nature of abortion. Deep down, Madonna was speaking in defense of the unborn child.

Determining reality of projection

How do we know Madonna was projecting onto Trump? As we discovered in case after case in psychotherapy where the super mind was recently discovered, the super mind operates on an absolute moral compass, the same moral compass embraced by our founders—laws of human nature coming from  God.

Madonna thinks that, since abortions are now legal, the moral law is on her side. But her super mind—speaking in projection code—sees far more deeply. She instructs us on the crucial matter revealing the current legal law violates her own internal moral law.

As Kellyanne Conway said at the pro-life march a week later on January 27, protecting “life” is fundamental to the Constitution. Abortions contradict the internal rule of law, she said. But Madonna consciously disagrees.

Yet, the Material Girl will take us past her denial showing us that very law at work within her deep unconscious super mind. She has two moral compasses—her super mind sees much further. 

As a central spokeswoman, Madonna provided the deepest look ever into the soul of the worldwide women’s movement.The conscious mind sees shallow, the super mind sees deep. Madonna’s super mind not only profiled herself, it also used its symbolic language to reveal precisely what the women’s movement is all about at its core.

Madonna makes a radical confession, a culture-changing confession, asking herself and her sisters-in-protest to accept the unacceptable about themselves. In effect, she’s having a huge argument with herself and with our founders, and she’s telling herself a truth she cannot stand up to consciously but desperately needs to face.

‘Blow up White House’ rage— matches abortion rage

So when she says “I’m angry… I’m outraged… yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” her super mind is saying what? Is this a projection? We must decode the symbolic messages.

Tellingly, on the day following her public tirade, Madonna unconsciously underscored the super mind’s way of using language. She’d been speaking only “in metaphor,” she said. Secretly she was instructing listeners to decode her metaphors—her symbolic messages (often projections)—instructing us how to decode her angry comments from the day before. Secretly disclosing how her super mind sees abortion. 

First the White House symbolizes the most special abode in America—painted white, symbolizing purity. A house itself symbolizes a home, a secure container which keeps all intruders out. A house becomes a home which nurtures those living there. In the White House live the symbolic father and mother of America.

Now Madonna wants to blow up the White House. She’s not angry at the house itself, of course, but what it symbolizes and now the person, the president who lives there.

Madonna wants to blow Trump and his supporters into total oblivion. In a profanity-laced oration she repeats, “F**k Trump, F**k Trump!” In her imperfect primitive mind, she’s a murdering terrorist and wishes she could get away with it. She’s living the conscious Hollywood dream of the protestor free to speak her own mind, however, extreme, however crude. “I’m free baby, free!” Except she has a huge problem—her super mind. And so does Hollywood and the women’s movement. She has no idea that the truly great unconscious mind exists, yet it speaks so powerfully. It’s describing herself while severely judging her.

Return to her image—what crucial White House is she talking about? What home of hers is she blowing to smithereens?  What home of women? She’s really talking about the pure house of her sacred womb and its inhabitant—the unborn human being.
Unconsciously she sees straight through the sham that abortion is just a choice, a woman’s right. In “plain” imagery her projection language declares it’s murder and mayhem—blowing little human beings out of existence.

Unknowingly she pleads: “Hear me plain, a human being lives in my sacred womb, my pure nurturing home that contains the most important human being in my world—my baby.”

Isn’t that how every mother feels about her child? Isn’t that even how Madonna feels about her own children, the ones for whom she waged vicious custody battles after her bitter divorce?

Madonna’s super mind testifies that abortion is taking a life and violates everyone’s universal values. She is the poster woman for the super mind’s law of nature “protect life” moral compass indwelling all women.

Unconsciously she declares the pro-life movement is right to protect innocent lives. Decoded, Madonna’s hostile speech stunningly reveals how pro-life her super mind truly is.

She’s vividly exposing the killing fields of the women’s movement. 

Madonna corrects herself—start new revolution of love
The super mind always offers a clear model of correction. The next day, thinking she could take back her violent nature—her desire to blow up the White House—she underscores it with two classic “protests too much” denials, “I’m not violent, I’m not violent.” Again the super mind instructs. Read through her denial imagery to see her confirming confession of how doubly violent she truly is.

But listen to her super mind correction as she insisted when her speech began, “I want to start a revolution of love.” And the next day she declared it had been an honor (the H word) to have been part of an audience chanting “we choose love.” She’s a millimeter away from shouting “choose life.”

Her shadow side—and identifying projections

Madonna referenced her two sides—expressing anger and outrage and then hope and love. Hear her super mind confirmation, “I shared two ways of looking at things.” She’s asking us to see her mind two ways. She speaks two languages—conscious literal language and the super mind language of metaphor.

Consciously she rationalizes her projected anger onto Trump. She has no intention of stopping her assault on the unborn, and—in her desperate attempt to justify herself—she’s still encouraging millions of women to get abortions. Misery loves company, guilt loves fellow destroyers.

But her super mind tells us to hear the symbolic language of her super mind confessing her brutal violence. How do we know she’s projecting her violence and denying it?

First you identify projections with reality—here life and death. A death you can’t undo. Yet she insists her “my right to my body” conscious moral compass says it’s okay—and denies a life exists inside her womb.

Consciously she destroys the unborn, unconsciously her super mind wants the unborn to live. Yet she chooses based on her conscious mind with all its blind spots—certain it sees all, certain no deeper law lives inside her, she’s immune to new revelation from her own super mind.

Madonna confesses she violates her deeper, loving self, and denies that she chooses to destroy. And she can’t take back her destruction. She’s in a terrible bind—blind to her true self and destroying lives. But she offers herself a solution.

Marchers’ projections of abuse—point to abortion guilt

Millions were puzzled as to the protest purpose. In essence, the march centered around abortion. They feared the “pro-life” Trump was going to take away “my rights to my body, my right to choose.” They declared he was abusive and degraded women, seeing them as sex objects. They also demanded equal pay for women. But, thinking it was about women’s rights, they secretly confessed to their deep fear of how badly they were violating their own inner laws.

Decode all the protestors’ various complaints and we see that their images were also metaphors for abortion—confirming Madonna’s secret confession. They too answer to a deeper moral compass. Unknowingly they spoke for the rights of the unborn. Just listen.

The unborn choose life—as every one of them does in the womb– their right to their body. There are no suicides in the womb—they all fight hard to live as neo-natal nurses will tell you.

The unborn should not be abused and degraded. The unborn should not be diminished as unwanted products of irresponsible sex. No, the unborn deserve “equal pay,” equal worth as a person.

Madonna, who has two kids, knows this intuitively. We could call this the “Great Unconscious March for the Unborn,” as guilty mothers confess.

Secretly their unconscious guilt is off the charts. They are furious with themselves. Unconsciously they judge themselves abusive, power hungry, neglectful victimizers who take lives. Judgment oozes from their pores. 

Madonna sees Judgment Day and verdict

Remember, too, at age 58, Madonna’s own physical death is not so distant. Meanwhile, her super mind points toward an ultimate judgment day. Unconsciously she looks to the end of her life, and the end of the women’s movement. Repeatedly dropping F-bombs on opponents of the women’s march, she said, “To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything: F**k you!”

Don’t miss she’s talking future judgment—what her life and the protesters will amount to. Her projection asserts “nothing– but destruction.”

Remember, Madonna took her stage name from her Roman-Catholic background, naming herself after Mary, the original Madonna. Now she’s on the run from the destruction and violence she inflicts secretly on others. On the run from her hidden guilt, she knows her deepest need: grace, the only solution—Jesus taking her sins away.

Her super mind sees her only hope–an ultimate atonement forgiveness, for a scapegoat savior to undo her severe guilt. In her enabling mind for blowing millions of babies up in one abortion bomb after another.

But first she must “choose love” and stop the violence. Read no more legal abortions. Then ask for forgiveness. 

Hidden confession in song ‘Human Nature’

Think about her confession of abortion in her original song “Human Nature”—she’s got it on full display. See how the imagery in her lyrics clearly depicts an abortion as her super mind speaks for the unborn and their human nature all the way back in 1994. And she insisted on singing it at the women’s protest march.

Twice she says “I’m not sorry,” suggesting a denial apology to the unborn.

She’s supposedly looking at a relationship where she couldn’t speak her mind. She couldn’t say the words she desired, was silenced “with bitterness and lies.” The other party didn’t “see life through my eyes”—a poignant read on abortion. She wonders “did I do something wrong, didn’t know I couldn’t speak”—as the unborn would cry out if only he could speak. Then the image of being shoved “in my narrow room away from you” suggesting the grave, as his mother abandons him forever.

Finally Madonna confesses, “I’m breakin’ all the rules I didn’t make” suggesting a confession to her Creator who made the rules of life, the rules she’s breaking.

Self-degradation: “Nothing but p***y”

A consistent feature of the march was the extremes of self-degradation.  Taking some degrading comments Trump made about women referencing “p***y” in 2008, the women protestors magnified it to a power of 200,000, thinking that if they all degraded themselves they were all good. But self-degradation is what it is—self-judgment. Consciously mocking Trump, they mocked themselves.

Wearing their pink “p***y” hats and with oh-so-cool cynical tongues in cheek, they celebrated in a childish show-and-tell the extreme promiscuous sex they so heartily endorse—nowhere more so than from the pulpits of Hollywood and college campuses. That promiscuity that leads to abortion as easy birth control. Easy as pick-up night. 

Madonna and the great disconnect: The vagina and the sacred womb
From Madonna and her friends we witness the great disconnect—the rise and fall of Femininity.
These protesting women have declared their true identity. They have carried out the great disconnect between their vaginas and their wombs.

It’s as though they’re saying, “We’re just vaginas waiting to gratify and self-gratify, just sex objects, not a unique person. We destroy motherhood. We destroy childhood for millions. Carelessly we think we can so easily get another motherhood moment or another child on our timing when we’re ready. After all, we’re in charge.”

This is why the infamous Vagina Monologues are so misleading. The dramatization suggests women have finally come of age in all their vaginal glory. But now that glory comes cheap. Women think life is now a monologue—and indeed it becomes one.

They forget real life is a dialogue. The real vagina dialogue is with a real lover, a soulmate husband who enables the two of them to create a new life, a child with whom they each can dialogue their whole life—and with their children’s children. Life is a dialogue created in a living dialogue with a Creator. That dialogue needs repairing. And their super minds tell us what we need is a new dialogue of forgiveness, serious atonement forgiveness.

This article ran on on 2/15/17.

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