Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

The Super Intelligence

Dr. Hodges’ technique analyzes “thoughtprints”: the unconscious messages people send through verbal or written communication.

Dr. Hodges’ approach was endorsed by the work of Malcolm Gladwell in his bestseller, “Blink”—which described “a dazzling new adaptive unconscious.” Although Dr. Hodges’ breakthrough study of human “super intelligence” occurred years before “Blink” was published, Gladwell illustrates Dr. Hodges’ research on how the unconscious mind reads situations in the blink of an eye without an individual’s conscious awareness of the process—as though our mind is on autopilot. Yet Gladwell overlooked that the unconscious (super intelligence) also speaks quickly—verbally–through ‘thoughtprints.’

The unconscious mind commonly embeds messages in the verbal or written communications generated by the conscious mind and always tells the truth. These unconscious communications are called “thoughtprints”– patterned symbolic stories and images that invariably tell the truth. The unconscious repeats the symbolic stories to verify the message—in essence speaking in code. In layman’s terms: we are often in denial but get around it through stories we tell.

Dr. Hodges has identified “super-intel” thoughtprint communication in therapy patients, in criminal suspects, and leaders including presidents—the crucial way of seeing past ever present denial.

The clinical discovery of unconscious perception and communication (revealing a moment to moment adaptive unconscious) by renowned psychiatrist Robert Langs set the stage for Hodges’ clarification of “thoughtprints.”

The super intelligence possesses a natural law (of human behavior) moral compass- a relationship compass that seeks the strongest boundaries such as total honesty and maximum security.

Esteemed Washington Insider takes “Deeper Intelligence” book to President

In 1994 U. S. Senate chaplain Richard Halverson was impressed that Dr. Hodges’ book described a crucial paradigm shift in knowledge which could greatly unify America and personally delivered an autographed copy to then President and Mrs. Clinton (and to several senators). Halverson intuitively understood the political world of our leaders having served for 30 years as pastor of a large Washington, D.C., church in addition to his Senate chaplaincy. He had been a confidant to many leaders.

In a day and age filled with new discoveries Halverson saw a trump card – the deeper mind of man was far more brilliant than we had ever realized and presented a new way of battling blind spots which mislead leaders and citizens as well.