Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

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A psychiatrist and therapist in private practice
A former clinical professor of psychiatry and noted forensic profiler. He works with Dr. Robert Langs who discovers the language of other 90% of the mind. A protege of Langs' for 35 years, Hodges utilizes the super intelligence in therapy.
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The break-through to ...
The Super Intelligence
Gathering clues from communication - deeper perception. Seeing new meaning in unconscious messages. A paradigm shift in knowledge.

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The Deeper Intelligence
The Cutting Edge of
His cutting-edge psycholinguistic method, "thoughtprint decoding," shows how killers leave behind mental messages much like fingerprints.
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Forensic Profiling
The first person to apply the super intelligence to forensic profiling. The development of thought-print decoding in forensic cases.
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The Secret Confession of Amanda Knox
In this eye-opening study of one of the 21st century's most controversial murder cases, Dr. Hodges turns his attention to how Knox unknowingly confessed to the brutal murder of her roommate in great detail.

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The Deeper Intelligence
The Cutting Edge of Political Analysis
Using his psycholinguistic technique to read between the lines of leaders' statements Hodges ultimately gets inside the mind of Barack Obama. Analyzing important Obama speeches and letters, he delves into the President's unconscious and decodes his deeper messages.
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The Cutting Edge of Success and Sports Management Therapy
Success—getting the best out of ourselves—can be far trickier than we know. Success triggers powerful blind spots often leading to a success retreat. The super intelligence provides the key to recognizing these unconscious blind-spots.
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The Cutting Edge of Decoding Scripture
Hodges explains how Jesus would have seen himself and his mission in the Scriptures, A truly human portrait of both man and God emerges.
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Dr. Hodges’ work has been recognized in the various fields where he has demonstrated the application of the super intelligence. The human mind operating on two levels remains the same from filed to filed. The super intelligence continually communicates whenever human intelligence operates. Such a breakthrough reveals a paradigm shift in knowledge in multiple fields.

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Hodges’ cutting-edge psycholinguistic method, “thoughtprint decoding,” continues to show how killers leave unique mental messages behind much like fingerprints. He examined a ...
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