The Obama Confession (4 of 7)

We continue with the rest of Obama’s development from his birth through college. Between the lines he tells us that for him “the past is never the past”—how crucial it is to understand the forces that shaped his life. The question of his birthplace emerges and Obama’s super intelligence answers. But first he makes plain running as an illegal foreign born president would simply reflect the tip of the iceberg of his extreme anger—a blatant attack on America’s basic foundation, the Constitution.

Indeed Obama confesses to a Kenyan birth (explored fully later) in several key stories.

Key aspects of his development emerge. Why his mother knowing she was pregnant by a black man selected Obama Sr. as the father. Why he went along believing he was the father and how they ended up having Obama Jr. in Kenya.

A major story reflects an explosive event occurred in Kenya and Obama Sr. threatened to keep the child in Africa. Child custody suddenly becomes a crisis issue and the mother returns to Hawaii. Shortly she moved to Seattle until Obama Sr. finished school in Hawaii—returning herself to Hawaii a year later only after he left.

A Kenyan birth greatly challenges the simple explanation that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s real father.
Humiliating events unfold one upon another for Obama. His father visits him at age 10 for the only time in his life. Later, Obama’s black mentor Frank Davis reveals between the lines he slept with Obama’s mother as a racial payback, exploited her with nude photos and might be his father. Two poems Obama released in college strongly suggest Davis sexually abused him as an adolescent.

Now even more humiliated and angry Obama eventually finds Sol Alinksy trainers as mentors and becomes friends with angry anti-American radicals. In truth the angry wounded Obama was looking for rage-filled mentors to sanction his misguided rage at America.

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