The Obama Confession (6 of 7)

Obama’s super intelligence continues to reveal its extraordinary ability not only to read Obama but to predict what his long term effects will be on America—and the world. He unconsciously further predicts in his key communications that he will attack America’s economic foundation.

He also secretly confessed that in his unconscious fury he would also attack our national security. Obama predicts the ways he will use his energy will “strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.”

Could he be this angry? The answer remains—he was that wounded, a “slaughtered innocent” from the get-go.

We can see four more years under an Obama presidency will continue his secret devastating attack on America. This portends economic decline or recession, an increasingly dangerous world with more nuclear weapons in other countries as America gives away its nuclear power. Obama’s super-intel issues the most threatening of all warnings: “a world in grave danger” because of his decisions.

Then ever wise his super intelligence informs us in story form what must be America’s response.

“Our challenges may be new (an illegal president)” but we meet them with “courage and patriotism.” His illegal presidency will require the recognition “on the part of every American” that we have a “new era of responsibility” to our nation in light of his presidency.

We must do our duty to the constitution—”this is the price of citizenship.”

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