Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

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Spirituality and Apologetics

The God-man Jesus

If man possesses a hidden super-intelligence that equips them with an almost “omniscient” understanding of the world around them, it explains how Jesus could have been human and divine. While veiling his omniscience he simultaneously faced enormous difficulties and every temptation known to man.

A psychiatrist and a Christian, Hodges draws on his professional background and a profound knowledge of Scripture to provide an unparalleled look into the formative events and personality of Jesus, the man. He uncovers the dynamic psychological development of Jesus as never before. Dr. Hodges utilizes decoding techniques of symbolic scriptural messages to explain how Jesus would have interpreted the Jewish Old Testament scriptures to discover his unique identity confirmed by life events and distinct prophecies.

The Old Testament heroic figures together communicated a symbolic tapestry of the Messiah’s unique identity serving as indirect prophecies. Because of his expertise in symbolic stories Hodges saw more in the traditional “types of Christ” pictures in the Old Testament. Jesus himself often taught in symbolic parables revealing his familiarity with the “parable language” of Scripture. Almost certainly he uncovered implied Messianic “parables”/prophecies as he claimed identification with Jonah, Solomon, and David among others.

The super intelligence sheds great light on the universal need for atonement forgiveness deep in the human psyche providing a new perspective on Christ’s crucifixion—how and why he laid down his life as the perfect sacrifice.

The Super Intelligence integrates psychology and religion

The intricate unconscious relationship between a therapist and a patient provides a picture of man’s relationship with God—a secret, ongoing, powerful one-to-one relationship which is often denied, minimized or ignored. Unconsciously people interact with God every moment of their lives.

Both therapy and forensic profiling reveal all people universally know deep down—unconsciously— that God exists and that they must give an account of their lives to him. The super-intel clearly shows judgment/accountability anxiety drives human beings at the deepest level of their psyche. In turn this brings the need for atonement forgiveness to the forefront—whether or not a person claims to be a conscious atheist.

The super intelligence has provided a remarkable service to true faith. In a real way the super intelligence has brought authentic religion into the twenty-first century identifying man’s deepest need is spiritual. Unconsciously the next world is a living breathing reality.

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