Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.


Dr. Hodges’ work has been recognized in the various fields where he has demonstrated the application of the super intelligence. The human mind operating on two levels remains the same from field to field. The super intelligence continually communicates whenever human intelligence operates. Such a breakthrough reveals a paradigm shift in knowledge in multiple fields. A new look at deeper motivation and communication sheds new light on psychotherapy, forensic profiling, politics, success psychology and spirituality.
Dr. Hodges’ methods have been recognized by forensic authorities around the world, including law enforcement experts, criminologists, attorneys, and forensic psychiatrists/psychologists. His work has been peer-reviewed in professional journals and referenced in journals of criminology. His profiling of forensic documents including oral interrogations has added a crucial dimension to the field of psycholinguistics. Beyond forensic cases, Dr. Hodges also demonstrates how his super-intelligence technique can be invaluable in understanding communications from leaders. He’s examined Bill Clinton’s self-sabotaging behavior in the Monica Lewinsky affair on Leeza Gibbons’ nationally syndicated television show. He’s also explained numerous psycholinguistic super-intel messages from Barack Obama. Dr. Hodges even utilized decoding techniques to explore the human personality of the divine-human Jesus in his highly acclaimed book, “Jesus: An Interview Across Time—A Psychiatrist Looks at His Humanity” (Bantam, 1988). Dr. Hodges has appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The CBS Morning Show, Court TV Investigation, ABC’s “The View,” and in USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, and The San Francisco Chronicle.