Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

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The deeper intelligence, truly a “super intelligence,” perceives reality in far more detail than the conscious mind and is an expert at observing and analyzing deeper motives while always insisting on the truth. As Dr. Hodges and others have validated in original clinical research, the unconscious mind is a secret genius light years ahead of the conscious mind. In a nutshell, the unconscious mind or super intelligence— the “other 90% of the human mind”— sees further, tells more, and has a huge bent toward honesty. For example a therapy patient who unconsciously picks up he needs more therapy than he realizes will string together a series of stories about unfinished projects to guide him to continue his therapy. The super intelligence speaks in a patterned symbolic story language—the key to grasping its messages. It represents the wave of the future in psychology.

The super intelligence — an “all-seeing new unconscious mind”—was discovered in psychotherapy by the (late) distinguished psychiatrist Robert Langs. He broke the code to the unconscious (far past Freud) described in his forty books. Truly it was one of the great scientific breakthroughs in history– not yet fully appreciated in the public domain.

Hodges implemented Langs’ “adaptive unconscious” psychotherapy approach in his development of “thoughtprints.” Therapy provides the template for observing and decoding the super intelligence in other settings: forensic profiling, political profiling, success psychology, and spirituality.