The Obama Confession (2 of 7)

Striking stories and images in Obama’s speeches and letters reveal his great terrifying secret—that he suffered a near-abortion shortly after conception. He especially pictures his utter terror in the repeat image the “slaughter of innocents.” He learned of this family secret as a young child but continued in denial about it. This unthinkable trauma—urged especially by his father Obama Sr. who did not want his son to exist– remains a constant terrifying force frozen in Obama’s mind.

Obama describes other humiliating traumas including the abiding belief he was “a mistake”—but nothing compares to nearly losing his life. His super intelligence alone knows his deepest motivation—as he portrays the unimaginable near-abortion fear which still controls him (far greater than any inherited “anti-colonial rage”).

First we must grasp the terror he poignantly describes to comprehend his reaction and the extreme danger in which that leaves America.

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