The Obama Confession (3 of 7)

Now Obama’s quick-read unconscious reveals his angry response to his abuse—unfolding his life equation.

He describes the humiliation and powerlessness of children in three cities—Jakarta, Nairobi, and Chicago—secretly portraying himself. He notes “the narrow path between humiliation and untrammeled fury”—how easily such kids “slip into despair and violence.”

His secret anger is equivalent to his near-abortion attack—9/11 type anger, the rage of “a slaughtered innocent.” In his Fathers’ Day speech (2008), Obama scathingly rebukes the absent father revealing the real target of his rage—his abusive violent father.

Yet he notes how these abused abandoned kids reenact their anger on others instead of the father—often attacking the foundations of society as the father did. And Obama especially underscores how people blame their ills on America—his super intelligence confession of taking out his misguided rage on America. He describes his cover—how people would like you if you didn’t appear angry.

His bottom line message, “America you elected a president filled with unbelievable secret fury.” We find an early super intelligence prediction that he will attack our nation’s most basic foundations. Obama alone pictures just how dangerous he is to America.

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