The Obama Confession (1 of 7)

See Dr. Hodges’ YouTube video (2012) explaining Obama’s confessions to America regarding his presidency and his deepest motivations only his super-intel can reveal. It has striking application today predicting many of Obama’s unhealthy decisions which unfolded during his second term.

Psychiatrist and forensic profiler Dr. Andrew G. Hodges, describes how he gets inside the mind of Barack Obama in his new book, The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury.

Hodges uses his unique psycholinguistic technique (“ThoughtPrint Decoding”) to “read between the lines” of Obama’s statements to discover his secret confession to America. A technique experts have called the “cutting-edge of forensic science”—and praised by FBI agents.

Obama’s deeper communications originate from a newly discovered part of the subconscious Hodges calls the “super intelligence”—the amazing intuitive power hinted at in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink. It’s a brilliant see-all, tell-all part of our mind beyond Blink’s limited focus on instincts.

In a nutshell Obama’s own super intelligence reads his deeper motives insisting on the truth. Secretly Obama confesses to America in key self-written speeches, letters to his daughters, and spontaneous stories.

Poignantly Obama first describes that the super-intel exists. He then warns us that America’s future depends on transforming education—understanding his super intelligence. Miss the messages and we will miss the extreme peril he presents to America. Obama then takes us to the real roots of his secret rage.

Part 1

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