The Origins of Political Profiling

Two unique events in Hodges’ experience led to his move into the political profiling arena as he began listening for “thoughtprint messages” to citizens from their leaders.
In 1994 U. S. Senate chaplain Richard Halverson was impressed that Dr. Hodges’ book The Deeper Intelligence described a crucial paradigm shift in knowledge which could help unify America. He personally delivered copies to then President (and Mrs.) Clinton and to several senators.

In a day and age filled with new discoveries Halverson saw a trump card—the deeper mind of man, far more brilliant than anyone envisioned presented a new way of battling blind spots which mislead leaders and citizens as well.

Halverson sensed the times in Washington were precarious. He noted in his endorsement of The Deeper Intelligence, “At a time when feelings often replace facts as a foundation for faith, as social/cultural order disintegrates …as moral and spiritual anarchy threatens chaos… Hodges brings us face to face with reality, transcendent and profoundly temporal.”

Fortuitously this set the stage for Dr. Hodges’ later decoding of various presidents’ super intelligence confessions to the American public. Presidents like all people must tell the truth. Looking back intuitively Halverson was trying to protect Clinton from scandal. Obviously Clinton ignored the counsel but his lies and cover-up almost led to his impeachment.

In 1998 Hodges presented his new forensic profile in the JonBenet Ramsey case on Leeza Gibbons’ nationally syndicated television show. Impressed with his method Gibbons asked Dr. Hodges if he could profile President Clinton regarding the newsworthy Monica Lewinsky affair.

Then in a key speech Clinton wrote himself Hodges uncovered a hidden confession and super-intel messages explaining why Clinton had initially lied to the American people over the affair. Unknowingly, he also explained the deep pain that secretly drove his infidelity.
Ironically, five years after Clinton was given his book, The Deeper Intelligence (by Halverson), Hodges ended up on national television again on the Leeza Show in 1999 reporting the president’s secret confession of his deeper motives in the Lewinsky affair.
Eventually Dr. Hodges would examine numerous communications from President Barack Obama to the American people which Obama personally wrote. He demonstrated how Obama’s super intelligence revealed his horrific past and how he was caught up in a severe unresolved secret PTSD existence. Strikingly he was similar to Bill Clinton who commented on his Lewinsky affair, “if people have unresolved anger, it makes them do non-rational, destructive things.”

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