Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

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Obama Validates Arpaio Report: Confesses to Illegal Presidency

On December 15, after a five-year investigation Maricopa Country, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released new forensic analysis evidence confirming that Barack Obama’s ...
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Decoding Democrat attacks: Predator Harry Reid confesses his attack on Trump and nation, Freedom Outpost

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wasted no time blasting Donald Trump’s election as president. Just two days after the votes were ...
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Donald Trump must overcome success blindspot

(Note: this article was written only days before the election.) As a psychiatrist I specialize in forensic profiling and in addition the ...
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Michelle Obama secretly confesses her husband is an illegal president, Freedom Outpost

I am a psychiatrist and forensic profiler. Utilizing my training in the unconscious mind, I read between the lines of people’s statements, ...
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Dr. Andrew G. Hodges Appears on The Daily Ledger to Discuss Islamic Threats

On Jan 19, 2016 Dr Hodges was interviewed by EMMY Award winning newsman Graham Ledger for One America News Network about his ...
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Decoding Obama Daily

Obama hits ISIS with wet noodle punch Obama said “we’re hitting ISIS harder than ever.” Since he’s not hit ISIS hard at ...
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The Origins of Political Profiling

Two unique events in Hodges’ experience led to his move into the political profiling arena as he began listening for “thoughtprint messages” ...
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Esteemed Washington Insider takes “Deeper Intelligence” book to President

In 1994 U. S. Senate chaplain Richard Halverson was impressed that Dr. Hodges’ book described a crucial paradigm shift in knowledge which ...
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