Hodges explains his decoding in Knox case Podcast Interview: New York Crime Examiner

Dr. Hodges clearly explains that his comments in this interview are based on his professional opinion.

A practicing psychotherapist and nationally recognized forensic profiler named Andrew Hodges M.D, has written a new book, As Done Unto You – The Secret Confession of Amanda Knox, which decodes the hidden messages in the verbal and written statements of the murder suspects in the Meredith Kercher murder case. Dr. Hodges uses a “cutting-edge forensic profiling technique of thoughtprint decoding by accessing the deeper intelligence (unconscious mind) of suspects in criminal investigations.”

Hodges notes, “I have learned that the human mind works simultaneously on two levels—consciously and unconsciously. The discovery of an unconscious super intelligence [super-intel] reveals that it reads situations in the blink of an eye and invariably tells the complete truth.”

Podcast Interview: New York Crime Examiner (True Crime writer Liz Houle)

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