Obama confesses to enabling ISIS—but why?

America’s current president is leading us ever so certainly into a worsening crisis that will encourage future attacks by ISIS.  In order to learn why, we must appreciate two basic subconscious mechanisms—denial and projection—and Barack Obama’s own unconscious mind will take us to the heart of who he is and reveal his deepest motivations regarding the Islamic State.

Denial and projection represent the secret language of the unconscious mind and the newly discovered super intelligence—a far more brilliant “all-seeing” unconscious than we ever envisioned.

Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator Charles Krauthammer says Obama is in denial about the danger ISIS presents to the world. The president really knows ISIS is dangerous but dismisses it as unimportant. Krauthammer concludes that Obama is a clueless ideologue, a hollow rhetorician who disavows America’s greatness.

Krauthammer fails to distinguish between Obama’s conscious awareness and what the president knows unconsciously—a crucial matter. We will see that Obama is far more than an ideologue—that persona, that man of words and theories, is merely a protective cover and a rationalization of far more menacing motivations.

People commonly use the word denial, but few fully understand it. By definition true denial occurs completely outside conscious awareness—a “subconscious trick,” a reversal of reality, a blind spot. 

Obama’s basic denial—“ISIS is not dangerous”—means he can’t consciously grasp the threat. First, his subconscious admits it has a powerful blind spot about ISIS and must block out its destructiveness.

Second, another part of his unconscious—the brilliant super intelligence—teaches us to read through denial to see past that blind spot.  This super-intel selects the key images Obama uses in his denials, key images which reveal the truth. Don’t overlook Obama’s image, the big idea he must deny in his own words— ‘ISIS is dangerous.’

Obama’s projections after Paris attack
Let’s examine a series of Obama’s communications immediately after the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. His multiple denials explain who he secretly is—a complete failure as a leader, a man out of touch with reality.

Immediately prior to the terrorist attacks in France on November 13, Obama announced to the world that, “ISIS is contained.” In a distinct denial he added, “I don’t think they’re gaining strength.” Read past the denial. Unconsciously he’s aware ISIS’ strength is growing as they certainly demonstrated with one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe’s history. Consciously, however, he reverses reality to think of them as controlled.

Following what happened in Paris, Obama declared, “If there’s a good idea out there, then we’re going to do it. I don’t think I’ve shown a hesitation to act.” His denial actually tells us, ‘Indeed, I am hesitant to act.’ Secretly his super-intel instructs him—his own good idea—‘take action against ISIS now.’ But he remains tentative, a prisoner to his blind spot. 

Obama: U.S. ‘will not relent’
Continuing in his denial mode, he announces the U.S. “will not relent in the ISIS campaign” and that the world would not accept the extremists’ attacks…in Paris… “as the ‘new normal.’” What his super-intel is saying is that Obama will continue to relent, doing nothing of real consequence, in fact accepting the ISIS attacks as normal. Indeed, he has constructed a new normal by failing to protect America, a stance which he has totally rationalized. In fact, he remains totally submissive to ISIS. 

Denial that terrorists masquerade as refugees
Obama then follows with an immediate plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees. Mostly Muslims, into the U.S. insisting they are harmless “widows and orphans.”

So he grandiosely proclaims, “[we will] ensure that a refugee is not admitted that might cause us harm.” Reading past his denial, we see that he ensures that terrorist refugees will be admitted. Unconsciously he knows some refugees will carry out attacks. His surface promise of “the most rigorous [vetting] process conceivable” is a sham. Intelligence officials admit that we sorely lack adequate screening data.

Two weeks later this reality was confirmed on Dec. 2, 2015, when mass killings were committed in San Bernardino, Calif., by radicalized Islamic terrorists, a husband and wife from Saudi Arabia. But consciously Obama remains completely blind to the danger of inviting terrorists hidden among refugees into our country.

Obama then shifts into another type of denial—a projection—calling immigration opponent Ted Cruz “un-American.”  Unconsciously talking about himself, Obama confesses, ‘My decision to admit refugees is un-American.’ Consciously compassionate, Obama’s unconsciously aware of rationalizing an attack upon our nation.

After the San Bernardino shootings he immediately pushed his gun-control program—another projection. He sees danger in guns but not in the Islamic terrorists who use them. In projection mode, Obama confesses that, as the great enabler, he’s the one with the gun threatening destruction. He’s the one who needs to be controlled and contained. 

Projection—a second subconscious mental trick
To confirm the secret picture, Obama adds another projection. He blamed journalists for empowering ISIS, “The media needs to…not empower… these terrorist[s].”

Projection includes two subconscious mental tricks, two reversals of reality. First it involves a basic denial—“it’s not me,” followed by blaming someone else, “it’s you who is behaving like this.” Projection (like denial) is completely unconscious.

Unknowingly Obama’s idea “media empowers ISIS” exposes his own true motives.

Deep down Obama knows the danger posed by ISIS, terrorists whom he enables, elaborating in a series of projected images: he needs to stop making terrorists stronger and facilitating their recruitment efforts.

In another stunning projection about the Paris tragedy, Obama said, “This is an attack on all of humanity.”  Decoding his super-intel message, we find that he confesses here to attacking all humanity by allowing the rise of ISIS. Indirectly he also alludes to the recent deal he struck with Iran in which he capitulated to that nation’s desire to build nuclear weapons, a deal which indeed threatens the entire world.

His specific image “attack all people” far better describes his own ominous behavior than the horrific Paris attack on a few hundred people. (Still we wonder why Obama enables such destruction, attacks which could eventually imperil his own family in America).

How do we know when Obama’s denials are the exact opposite of the truth? How can we determine that these statements are secret cover-ups which we can see through?

Look at the basic facts. Virtually everyone is hyper-conscious about the threat of ISIS—everyone but Obama. But he remains the emperor with no warrior clothes while only his indoctrinated supporters pretend otherwise.

Another denial and projection provides an important clue to his passivity and secret enabling. He said about the recent attacks, “The most powerful tool we have is to say we are not afraid.”

His conscious message is ridiculous alluding to the fact he does nothing but talk. Weapons—not words—are the most powerful defense we have now. But reading through his key denial confession, “we are not afraid,” Obama admits he’s secretly terrified of ISIS and can’t take action. Deep down, he’s so frightened he cannot even utter the name “Islamic terrorists.”

We have an exceptionally weak president who is actually destructive in his passivity. He’s misguided and secretly terrified. These traits lie behind the smooth bluster of his powerless words.

No one but Obama believes ISIS is the “JV.” Again you can see Obama’s confession hidden in this key projection. Obama, not ISIS, is the true “JV”—a pretend president who’s in way over his head when it comes to protecting America.

Yet unconsciously Obama confesses that he’s far more than an empty ideologue and fully comprehends the ISIS threat. At the same time he reveals that something horrendous buried deep in his unconscious controls his far-reaching submission to ISIS and Islamic terrorist nation-states such as Iran.

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