Obama Gun Control: “killing America” as he nearly killed

In his speech to the nation on January 5, 2016, Barack Obama explained why he was taking executive action on gun control. Unknowingly he revealed gun violence was a devastatingly personal issue—driven by his deepest, darkest secret as a human being.

Between the lines his brilliant unconscious super intelligence weaves a deeper far more powerful narrative using the psycholinguistic language of denial and projection.

The same unconscious mind that Jesus referred to symbolically when he said the speck you see in your neighbor’s eye may unconsciously be the log in your own. He urged “decode” the specific faults/issues you project onto others—that reveal your hidden motives.  We follow the faults Obama sees in others in his speech.

Strikingly, he testified to his deeply personal narrative by referencing himself 78 times in that 30-minute tearful speech.

Two central ideas summarized his motivation for gun control: murders of children and the need for background checks. Unconsciously Obama implies, “something horrific, a violent near-death experience involving a weapon happened to me as a young child– check my background.” A story he’s told before but never so clearly.

His deeper narrative reveals a deeply disturbing post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout the speech he’s secretly talking about himself and his own buried trauma.  It’s a theme he returns to repeatedly. Numerous speeches —Father’s Day, Inauguration, United Nations, etc.—and letters to his daughters reveal his obsession with children in danger of being killed.

He then explains who pointed the gun at him and was about to pull the trigger. He can still feel the cold barrel pressed firmly against his temple, his heart beating out of his chest, his skin cold and clammy.

Obama’s great PTSD secret, the gunshot wound that nearly killed him, was his near-abortion  This matches his central thoughtprint code in his speech: the violent murder of innocent children with metal weapons.


Abortion images
Unconsciously he presents numerous thoughtprints, images of abortion (which fits the chaotic circumstances surrounding his conception.)

In a key story Obama clearly pictures an unintended pregnancy— an (unborn) kid “who hadn’t even gotten started in life,” who was murdered:  He was in the wrong place, wrong time—and a bad decision was made suggesting an abortion. Yet the kid was exactly “where any kid would be…my kids” implying Obama himself in the womb when the twin gunmen—mother and father—plotted to kill him.
Obama tells about “a disturbed person in China took a knife and tried to kill a bunch of children in China.” See the abortionist clutching the scalpel in his hands.

Revealingly in tears, he talks about the murder of first-graders, beginners, “from [a] family…never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun.” Read unconsciously he never imagined his parents would take the life of “their loved one”—him—with an abortion bullet.

Obama mentions kids getting killed “on the streets of Chicago every day—it makes me mad.” He suggests his hometown, more clearly his near-death by abortion in his original home place, his mother’s womb specifically linking this to his anger.

Other abortion images include “In 2013 alone …30 children younger than five years old” were killed in gun accidents.

Obama’s super-intel moral compass unmistakably defines abortion as killing children.

Obama underscores the thought of kids being killed—kids such as his unborn self—makes him mad. The real roots of his secret rage. He goes on to reveal all the different guns he uses “to kill America” in his misguided deeply abusive attacks–as he was abused.

First he’s an abortion enabler. Passing along his pain, he unconsciously attacks the unborn kids just as he was attacked when an unborn, totally unprotected.

His super-intel elaborates on his destructive intentions in another major denial, “We all believe in the First Amendment, but we accept that you can’t yell ‘fire’ in a theater.” His rich imagery vividly depicts his near-abortion. The dark safe room of the theater a picture of an unborn child in his mother’s womb as a wonderful drama unfolds. Will the creative unborn masterpiece make it out into the bright of day?

Cruelly someone yells fire. In the pandemonium, the crowd rushes out and a person is trampled to death in the dark. The drama stops as the screen goes blank, and Obama’s imagery has just pictured the completed abortion.

Unconsciously he continually replays the scene over and over: his parents panicking, yelling fire, and burning him up inside the womb—or almost.

In turn he sets fire to America attempting to panic and destroy—trampling on the people and the Constitution with inflammatory rhetoric.

Read through his blatant denial confession, “This is not a plot to take away everybody’s guns,” to see his ultimate goal. Just like he falsely idealizes other countries where citizens have no guns.

No guns for America means he wants citizens to feel as unprotected as he does. Obama confesses he’s killing America in three fundamental ways– as he was killed.

A new warning about Iran deal
Not only has the president tried to take away America’s guns, as the world’s slickest gun-seller Obama has given weapons to Iran.

He criticizes gun sellers “operating under different rules” who sell weapons to known violent felons with a known history “of serious crimes…assault… illegal gun possession.” No background check, no questions asked, buying “deadly weapons all too easily” which can end up with terrorists.

Decode Obama’s unconscious confession. Secretly he’s the gun lobby which “holds America hostage” (as his parents still hold him hostage in his PTSD mind). Operating under different presidential rules he’s selling earth threatening weapons to the terrorist Iran ignoring their background of building illegal nuclear weapons and terrorist assaults.

Yet his super-intel insists such gun sellers be stopped “wherever” they operate, meaning as far away as Iran. He demands that guns not “get into the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.” Unknowingly Obama instructs the world his nuclear deal with Iran must be stopped.

Obama warns nation about dangers of abortion
Obama confesses to a second major way he’s killing America—supporting abortion. As a near-abortion abuse victim, Obama also unconsciously protects the unborn. Deep down he’s a secret pro-life spokesman.

Obama closes his speech referring to the young man who was murdered–“who hadn’t even gotten started in life”—again picturing an abortion. He insists the unalienable right of life is stripped from such a kid. If we love our country we will protect these unborn. Unconsciously Obama’s super-intel warns us the future of America depends on it or eventually we destroy the country and our heritage of protecting all lives. We tear down the country we inherited by killing the kids we inherit.

He urges courageous non-stop protests—even sacrificing lives –to stop abortion murders.

Confession of illegal presidency
His gun control speech confirms another “top secret” subconscious confession (also previously revealed in various statements). Of all the guns he has aimed at America, his most basic and violent attack was against our Constitution when he was elected as an illegal foreign-born president.

Key comments in his speech highlight this deeper narrative.

“It’s… why we’re going to ensure that federal [mental health] records are submitted to the background check system, and remove barriers that prevent states from reporting relevant information.”

His deeper story: the state of Hawaii on his order has refused to release his birth records. These clarify his relevant “mental health” qualifications to be president. To become an illegal president reflects impaired judgment and massive deception.

He suggests the state of Hawaii birth records are now federal records and that congress should remove all barriers preventing their release to check his background—even now.
He implies his public “birth certificate” is a phony.

Operating above the law, he “holds America hostage” with his first black president role immune to confrontation.

But his super-intel sees an illegal president violates our founders’ very words of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

To live a lie means violating our “life”—our integrity, who we say we are as a nation.
We give up our liberty when someone takes from us liberties they don’t have. We cannot be happy when we tolerate the abuse and injustice of a lie. Secretly we become a passive victim, a shadow of our formerly great nation, now held hostage by Obama.

Obama’s super-intel-intel guides us very precisely: take the nuclear bomb away from Iran, stop abortions now, and stop killing the constitution—face the truth of his illegitimate presidency even now.

Unconsciously he senses the urgency for drastic action more than anyone. Also, he’s revealed the core trauma which still controls him—only his unconscious can tell us: the gun pointed at him.



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