The Untold Story: Obama Continues taking out his traumatic background on America

Dr. Hodges was a guest on political commentator Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh weekly “Lori on Liberty” talk show for 94.9 FM (Ledyard, Ct) which reaches a tri-state audience in eastern Connecticut, western Rhode Island and Long Island.

She interviewed Hodges about his book “The Obama Confession’ and how it matched Obama’s hidden confession between the lines of his recent (January 5th) speech on gun control.

Here Obama unknowingly revealed gun violence was a devastating personal issue—driven by his deepest darkest secret as a human being. He explained the hidden severe emotional abuse from his traumatic background has resulted in his constant misguided attacks on America. The story the media has completely missed with their byword “we don’t do motives or look deeper, that’s personal”—as Obama personally attacks America broadside.

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