Who Will Speak for JonBenet

A New Investigator Reads Between the Lines 2000

Will justice ever come for JonBent? Doesn’t every American ache for this crime to be solved? More than three years have passed since the vicious murder and still no one has been charged. Insufficient evidence? Hardly. Like the blind leading the blind, the leaders of this investigation and the reporters who covered the story have ignored key evidence, have turned a deaf ear to experts, and have allowed the Ramseys to control the investigation in ways that defy explanation.

The public is left with a compelling question: Who will speak for this brutally murdered six-year-old beauty queen? Are the voices, one-by-one, being silenced so that the guilty won’t ever have to stand trial. Absolutely not, according to Dr. Andrew Hodges, a well-respected psychiatrist specializing in unconscious communication, who gives us a captivating forensic analysis of the events, people, and messages of this murder.

Piece by piece, word by word, he uncovers the motives and hidden agendas of the killer, co-perpetrator, leading Boulder investigators and prosecutors, and media personalities. Dr. Hodges reveals how investigators ignored key evidence, particularly messages carefully planted in the ransom note by the killer, which he and two forensic colleagues detailed in a 70 page report to Boulder authorities. Undeterred by excuses, personal attacks, and silence, Dr. Hodges forges ahead on this case, evaluating new evidence as it becomes available: Burke Ramsey’s therapeutic drawings, John and Patsy Ramsey’s ever-present statements as they continue riding the media merry-go-round that keeps them in the limelight, and even new books on the case, including Steve Thomas’s expose of the investigation and the Ramseys’ own The Death of Innocence.

Since 1998, new evidence has appeared that has warranted continued investigation. Again, Dr. Hodges applies his techniques to the “thoughtprints” (his term for the hidden unconscious messages that point to the truth) offered by the key players in the modern-day Greek drama. Thoughtprints, like fingerprints, identify facts and point to the perpetrators and inadequate investigators, all of whom deep down insist on honesty. Replete in this case are the perpetrators’ thoughtprints evidencing murderous rage, incest, insane jealousy, deception, and a compelling and continuing need to confess. Replete also are the thoughtprints of various investigators who explain why they dropped the ball.

As clear as fingerprints on a glass coffee table, these thoughtprints tell the who, the how, and the why of JonBent’s murder (and of an investigation gone bad). But it takes a new type of investigator to “lift” the prints, to read between the lines and “hear” the truth-the confession-that the ransom note writer in particular practically screams when she writes: “Listen carefully!”

Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., is that investigator. Listen as he speaks for JonBent at the ransom note writer’s insistence. Watch as he draws a clear picture of exactly what happened that Christmas night in 1996. Even from the grave, JonBenet cries out for justice. A little girl buried by lies. Where is the prosecutor who will hear her voice seeking the justice she deserves? The evidence, as Dr. Hodges makes plain, awaits that prosecutor.