Obama continues to confess to illegal presidency

The Real Background Check that Failed—Obama’s 

We must not miss how deep down – from event to event, speech to speech – Barack Obama desperately continues confessing to America about violating our sacred Constitution as an illegal president. Secretly his unconscious super intelligence continually looks at his huge deception, a guilty perpetrator constantly seeing his crime ever before him, a modern day “Lady McBeth” who cannot wash an egregious misdeed off “blood-stained” hands.

As our founders insisted, Obama has a deeper natural law moral compass – despite his conscious insistence on relative moral laws/personal choices. We have only recently learned how this super-intel compass bypasses his often deceitful conscious mind by confessing with symbolic “right-brain” images and stories. Secretly, his own deepest thoughts reveal his true heart.

Take his inappropriate comments on April 16th after Congress rejected the gun control bill which proposed increased background checks. Obama exploded by noting his opponents “willfully lied about the bill.” (Can you ever recall a president labeling congressional opponents “liars?”) He further claimed, “There are no coherent arguments for why we didn’t do this,” again referencing background checks and that it “came down to politics.’

“All in all,” Obama said, “this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

Now read his images with his super intelligence – literally a thousand times quicker than his conscious mind – looking dead-on at his illegal presidency. We find the cohesive message that Obama willfully lied about his legal qualifications for president, that truly the only reason for Congress and the media not checking out his background came down to politics – truly a shameful event for those in power in Washington. Attempting to cover up his guilt Obama shouts loudly about others, his super-intelligent “right-brain” giving him away as his images fit perfectly with his secret confession, his striking “liars” comment reflecting the ongoing pressure he’s under to come clean.

Beginning of recent confession
A review of numerous Obama comments in the last month and a half reflect the obsessive unconscious confession his soul must make providing us with his ongoing secret narrative unfolding day to day, his mind’s eye always on his great deception. On March 1st in his sequester speech following another rejection of his plans, Obama berates Republicans. Once more he reveals striking images of playing a “Jedi mind-meld’ trick on his opponents, closing the door to the government, “dictator president, “apocalypse,” having “horns on his head,” and those who find “loopholes.” While these images reflect his behavior on the sequester matter, on a deeper level they simultaneously fit perfectly with a hidden confession of an illegal president.

Understand his super-intel can comment on two issues at once – and we can see when it focuses specifically on his illegal presidency. In other words we apply the right-brain images to one issue at a time and observe how well these images fit with a deceptive presidency from the get-go. We can then grasp how the super-intel repeats its message in matching “right-brain” images from one Obama public comment to another.

Obama’s wish for disguise to mix with regular folks in Israel
On March 14th, not long after his sequester comments, Obama reveals his fantasy of going to Israel on his upcoming trip in disguise wearing a fake moustache to interact with regular citizens. We have the picture of a visiting foreign president in disguise who fools people – which he tells us “becomes a lot trickier once you’re actually president.”

Along with his recent idea of playing a “Jedi mind-meld trick” on Republicans, we have two consecutive references to being a tricky president – now specifically raising the question if he’s “actually president.”  He suggests yet another confession, “I am actually a foreigner in disguise, an illegal president – I have played the biggest of tricks on America.”

On April 3rd in a Denver speech on gun control Obama offers yet another image (through denial) of elected representatives having a hidden agenda, a trick up their sleeves – suggesting a fascist government which imposes its will on its people. Naively he wants the people to trust him unconditionally declaring, “The government is us” – further suggesting “The government is Barack Obama, I do what I want.” Indeed these repetitive descriptions of deception and government control strikingly fit with an illegal presidency, one supported by a media virtually under his total domination.

Behavioral messages
We also read a number of Obama behaviors pointing to an illegal presidency. Following rejection of his sequester negotiation the Obama administration announces the White House will be closed “for financial reasons” to the public implying his presidency was closed to the will of the people/Constitution. On April 3rd, Obama announces he is returning 5% of his salary to the people, a symbolic message suggesting, “I need to return the presidency to the people, a job I did not legally earn.”

Confession: “I Could be Impeached?”
In early April rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce on the occasion of their 5th anniversary made a controversial “cultural” trip to Cuba reportedly sanctioned by the U. S. Treasury Department which can grant special “cultural” visits by Americans. According to Jay-Z in his song “Open Letter” – written in response to his provocative Cuban visit – his lyric declared, “Obama said chill ‘You gonna get me impeached.’” Many found Jay-Z’s comment believable based on his known closeness with Obama.

Such a remark by Obama would fit with an unconscious confession of participating in shady dealings enabling Jay-Z’s visit and more importantly pointing to his deeper confession of a shady illegal presidency, an overt attack on the Constitution demanding impeachment.

Progressively undisguised confessions
Obama’s super-intel insists on keeping his illegal presidency ever before the public. Note again his confessions become more and more undisguised when not heard: “liar,” no background check, political decision, “shameful day in Washington,” president wearing phony disguise, trickery, finding “loopholes” and “you gonna get me impeached.”

Ironically Obama’s fresh series of confessions occurs as yet another judicial effort is underway challenging the legality of his presidency.

Attorney Larry Klayman founder of Judicial Watch (a public interest legal organization) continues to pursue Obama’s eligibility deception. Last Tuesday (April 23rd) he filed an appeal with the Alabama Supreme Court requesting oral arguments after a state Circuit Court dismissed an Obama eligibility case. Klayman brings his appeal before Chief Justice Roy Moore’s court. Known as a strict constitutionalist, courageously standing up for the biblical basis of natural law, Moore has previously stated that Obama has not established that he is a natural born citizen.

Simultaneously Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lt. Mike Zullo continue with plans to present additional impressive evidence for fraud and forgery regarding Obama’s birth certificate matter and illegal presidency.

Additionally several conservative organizations are making renewed efforts to address rampant election fraud in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Currently the American Civil Rights Union has filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of Indiana’s right to require a photo ID to vote – while predictably the Obama Justice Department has sued Indiana and multiple other states to prevent voter identification.

Recently a jury also in Indiana found two Democrats guilty of placing unauthorized names on the petition enabling then-Sen. Barack Obama to appear on the 2008 presidential election primary ballot, likely the only way he qualified. Unauthorized names for an unauthorized president: a perfect fit.

 See recent YouTube series “The Obama Confession” by Dr. Hodges

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