Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

Dr. Andrew Hodges

A noted forensic profiler, Hodges developed his “thoughtprint decoding” technique by uniquely accessing unconscious super intelligence messages of suspects during criminal investigations. He bases his analyses on forensic documents—verbatim testimony, transcripts of police interrogations, letters and emails created by the suspects.

Christine Ford’s Secret Unconscious ‘Tells’ Continue Before The Senate – Part One

Along the way, she reveals her true intent to make sure the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will be ...
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Christine Ford’s Secret Pain: Abortion “PTSD” Explains Kavanaugh Accusation

After Christine Ford’s Sept. 27 testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, a body language expert noted that Ford often used what’s called ...
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Christine Ford’s Secret Tells Point To Powerful, Deeper Motive

As she comes forward, Ford is unknowingly reading herself in the blink of an eye and telling us what she sees. The ...
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Steven Paddock’s Motives: Father-son relationship gone horribly bad

As experts struggle to explain mass murderer’s Steven Paddock’s motive for shooting hundreds of concertgoers on Oct. 1, that tells me one ...
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Madonna’s Secret Protest: the great disconnect—the vagina and the sacred womb

People around the world would be shocked if they could hear Madonna’s secret confession at the January 21 women’s protest march in ...
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Obama Validates Arpaio Report: Confesses to Illegal Presidency

On December 15, after a five-year investigation Maricopa Country, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released new forensic analysis evidence confirming that Barack Obama’s ...
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Obama Confesses Illegal Presidency Cost Dems Election

One of his most faithful worshipers—The Washington Post—posed the perfect question for The Perfect President shortly after his Democratic Party went down ...
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Decoding Democrat attacks: Predator Harry Reid confesses his attack on Trump and nation, Freedom Outpost

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wasted no time blasting Donald Trump’s election as president. Just two days after the votes were ...
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Donald Trump must overcome success blindspot

(Note: this article was written only days before the election.) As a psychiatrist I specialize in forensic profiling and in addition the ...
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Trump tells media secret Obama story behind the 2016 election, Freedom Outpost

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized for his response as to whether he’d accept 2016 election results. His exact words: ...
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