Obama again raises question: “Government gone wild?”

On April 3rd in Colorado surrounded by law enforcement personnel Obama once more spoke out vociferously regarding his gun control campaign.

We again pay close attention to his “right-brain” images and his denials for unconscious warnings from his super intelligence, his deeper moral compass which must tell the truth and spot any deception. Deep down his mind’s eye constantly monitors his true motivations.

Images of fearing the government
He noted, “ginned up fear among gun owners that have… ‘nuttin’ to do with the facts but feed into fears about the government.” His denial accompanied by images of “fear among gun owners” and “facts that feed into fear about the government” suggest the unconscious message: the facts about Obama indeed lead to fear about the government. His image of “ginned up fear” suggests his primary tactic in proposing more gun control which, in truth, has nothing to do with the facts.

Next we find a key message marker: “you hear” implying “hear my deeper message”– pay close attention to what comes next. The unconscious mind often uses key communication images (e.g. “hear”) to underscore a vital message. When he follows with (you hear) “I need a gun to protect myself from the government,” the image itself strongly suggests the Second Amendment to the Constitution – as in citizens need to be armed in case of ‘a government gone wild.’

Of course Obama overtly denies/ridicules any need to worry about the government, but we must keep in mind that denial attached to an idea can tell us to keep an eye on that particular idea and consider deception. Denying the very plan he secretly has in mind. For this reason we always contemplate denial as a revelation of the real truth with the cover-up, “Let me tell you what I’m not going to do – ‘wink-wink.’”

Obama follows with a second comment of denial and ridicule, “(you hear) we can’t do background checks because the government’s going to come take my guns away.” Again read his condescending denial as a warning of the possibility one day the government’s coming for our guns.

Read through his denial “can’t do background checks” as an unconscious instruction: do background checks on Obama to see if he personally has intentions for extreme gun control. We can even read the entire sentence as an unconscious confession – no background checks on Obama about gun control because it would reveal his wishes to take our guns away. Indeed it is publicly known from a former fellow law professor at the University of Chicago who Obama dubbed “the gun guy” that Obama doesn’t believe anybody should own a gun.

Later for good measure Obama repeats the idea “you’ve been hearing that somebody’s taking away your guns.” Does he protest too much?

Obama’s repetitive denial tells us what’s on his mind deep down: total gun control. While he could not get away with such a plan now we must “know our opponent”— to whom we must stick closer than a friend. Understand Obama has a deep need stemming from his powerless background to take power away from others.

The warning: He is the government
Obama dramatically assures us in another full-fledged denial of exactly why citizens have no cause for worry about extreme gun control — because “the government’s us.” Stop here. What comes to mind? Think back quickly to his recent sequester press conference on March 1st when he presented such images as “dictator…president,” “apocalypse,” “Jedi ‘mind-meld’ trick,” and having “the Secret Service block the door” to Republicans. One image after another of government control.

Now read the message “the government’s us” as the “government is me, Barack Obama.”

Also think back to his first campaign when he and/or his ad men grandiosely told America, “We’re the ones you’ve been waiting on” as if the perfect president with his visionary program was now in place, declaring prior presidents unimportant.

Such declarations are utterly frightening when paired with his previous spontaneous image in the sequester speech of “horns on his head.”

Obama’s false claims: constrained by Constitution
His blatant denial continues, “These officials are elected by you. I am elected by you. I am constrained by the system our founders put in place…a government of, by and for the people.” Obama has never been constrained by the Constitution and has ridiculed it by his actions and his words, telling us that it should be revised since it limits us to what “we can’t do.”  Despite giving it lip service on the surface, he has manipulated the Constitution left and right.

His very statement itself – ridiculing the notion of citizens arming themselves as a protection against potential tyranny – reveals a denial of his belief in the Constitution, a central reason our forefathers put the Second Amendment in the founding document.

His image “can’t do background checks” also suggests the message that background checks are not being done specifically linked to elections. Indeed his mantra regarding any questions regarding the legality of his presidency – endorsed by the media as well – was “no background checks.” Obama underscores again that America did no background checks on him.

(One who really pushed for such a background check was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and as we speak he’s facing incredible pressure from the left for his recall.)

But Obama unconsciously suggests once more reading through his key denial and thus delivers the message that America really needs to “do background checks,” implying that if a true background check were done on him that he would be indeed constrained by the Constitution as never before. He would be found lacking in his duty and qualifications.

Ask yourself if he carried out an illegal presidency and participated in election fraud what would he be capable of when it came to gun control?

Obama refers to government deception
Following reassurance that he’s elected and constrained by the Constitution,  he also noted, “We can have a debate that’s not based on the notion that your elected [3rd reference] representatives are trying to do something other than potentially prevent another group of families from grieving [Newtown, etc.].”

Note Obama’s image, apart from his denial, again pointing to deception – elected government people who are manipulatively serving hidden agendas. In recent speeches this is his third reference to trickery.

He suggests once more he has deeper purposes regarding gun control if we think about his background. He also unconsciously confesses how his presidency with its hidden agendas has personally caused millions of Americans to grieve for the country we had as he took the power of the people away, their symbolic guns and protection under the law.

He especially suggests that his elections were deceptive, hinting again at an illegal presidency and making note of voting irregularities in 2012.

Obama confession: Get the facts, ignore my biased, over-the-top rhetoric
Obama repeatedly stresses, “Get the facts.” Consciously attempting to sway people over gun control, he’s really telling us to get the facts about gun control and about his prior behavior – find out what really happened in his presidential elections.

He unconsciously again urges a thorough investigation of his previous power plays: his first and second elections. He speaks of “over-the-top rhetoric that just breaks down trust and…shuts down communication” – precisely how he behaved (along with the media) when the matter of his birth certificate surfaced most strongly in 2011. The same insistent denial and avoidance of communication occurred with voter fraud issues in the 2012 election. His over-the-top rhetoric routinely shuts down effective communication – reflected in his secret-keeping, non-communicative presidency.  His super-intel also confesses his illogical over-the-top rhetoric in this very speech.

Obama then stresses “listening to each other” – read really listen to his super intelligence. He further suggests “common sense” and “don’t just listen to what some advocates or some folks who have an interest in this thing [gun control] are saying.” His super-intel instructs us not to listen to his obviously biased view on gun control, but listen more deeply and understand that he’s violating common sense. Manipulatively Obama appeals to the grieving families of Newtown, Aurora, and Columbine when common sense reveals that automatic rifles are not the central crime problem with firearms – people are, usually people with handguns.

All in all we must continue to take Obama’s comments as a tremendous warning of the danger he presents to America in terms of taking power from the people. Given the right opportunity, he makes plain between the lines in his powerful imagery and with his blatant denials that we should put nothing past him. As he reminded us, he is the government.

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