Hillary the predator-enabler vs. ‘crude’ Donald Trump, WND Exclusive

Understandably upset with Donald Trump’s exceptionally crude “offensive” language from 11 years ago, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, now impulsively betrays his party by withdrawing his support of the Republican presidential nominee. Read through his denial, “I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton” – but in essence he has done exactly that, and he encourages millions to follow his lead (other Republican leaders have). In his naiveté Chaffetz leaped right into the hands of the Democrats who had this play set up well in advance. Either actively or passively, you vote for either Trump or Hillary – there are no other choices.

Symbolically, the Democrats take aim at a presidential candidate’s unacceptable sexuality. Immediately, we have a significant disguised projection. Remember Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who enabled her husband’s presidency from the beginning by covering up his repetitively aggressive sexual behavior. Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct, including rape and sex in the Oval Office, was far more offensive than Trump’s. Surely Clinton could talk his promiscuous walk privately with his buddies. Just imagine his stories.

Where was Chaffetz’s public condemnation of Hillary Clinton who not only enabled Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior but publicly and privately belittled his victims? That is the same Hillary Clinton who defended a guilty rapist of a 12-year-old girl and bragged about it when she got him off on legal technicalities.

Let’s not forget about our presidential history of marital infidelity with Dwight Eisenhower keeping a mistress for years and sacred Democratic icons such as Lyndon Johnson and Jack Kennedy (who was Bill Clinton’s personal role model), both serial adulterers. Countless cavorting has gone on behind the presidential scenes in Washington, D.C.

Chaffetz’s denial that Trump-type language is not heard in locker rooms is naïve. Making crude remarks about women and lewdly celebrating sexual adventurism is alive and well in male-only spaces.

For elite athletes it extends to team rides on airplanes with married players bringing along their secret lovers and, in the old days, train rides with overt sexual acting out in front of others in alcoves. I’ve interviewed too many players from professional and college sports, spent a season in a collegiate locker room myself and served in the military, all of which opened my eyes to the real sexual world around us.

Trump was speaking symbolically of “locker room talk” wherever “locker rooms” exist – from construction workers on a lunch break to wealthy executives chatting up their buddies on the golf course to soldiers in training on bivouacs to doctors in their private hospital dining rooms to college dorms and fraternity and sorority houses.

Then we have many so-called “progressives,” a make-up-your-own morals crowd that has enabled a generation of compulsive promiscuity, the mainstreaming of pornography, a rise in sexually transmitted diseases and Hollywood’s pervasive sexual addiction increasingly preaching the gospel of unbridled sexuality.

Why should Americans worry primarily about the, yes, disgusting pseudo-masculine sexuality Trump exhibited in the past when Hillary Clinton is responsible for the Benghazi massacre of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and other brave Americans, and she even lied about the cause of the rioting that killed them? In addition, she contributed to thousands of deaths in the Middle East and the homelessness of millions. She risked America’s national security with her exposed private email server.

When “speak with forked tongue” Hillary now secretly confesses she embraces open borders, free trade and wants to take American citizens’ guns away by executive order, we indeed fall for the classic Democratic strategy of “distract and conquer.”

Providence has plans for America

Donald Trump’s egregious sexual insults and escapades aside, we have left one major factor unaccounted for in this election: providence, God’s mysterious ways and plan for America.

Don’t ridicule the possibility that the Christian God of justice and grace might have a word to say at this crucial moment in our history. Our founders would not discount it. They insisted and put it in our founding documents that God guided and blessed America at its beginning – as we can see looking back, despite the existence of slavery and later segregation and despite very imperfect people trying to survive as a nation.

At this, likely the most embarrassing public moment of his life, is Trump possibly being humbled by God to prepare him to serve as president under difficult circumstances? His running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, has publicly spoken of Trump’s increasing private humility.

Remember how God humbled the great King David whom he called “a man after his own heart.” Consider that David lusted after a nude Bathsheba from the roof of his palace – ordered her to his quarters and impregnated her while her husband, Uriah, was away fighting battles as David’s leading field commander. Shortly David ordered Uriah home on leave, planning for him to sleep with his expectant wife and cover up David’s sin. But Uriah refused to go inside his own house, so David ordered him back to battle, assigning him to his sure death on the front line. Post-death David then took Bathsheba as his dearly beloved. In the end David repented – a broken man.

Back to Trump. A major recent accomplishment, often overlooked, came when he accused Obama of betraying America for refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorists.” Obama then revealed he is an unconscious Stockholm Syndrome victim of radical Islam. (See my research in my book, “The Stockholm Syndrome President, How Trump Triggered Obama’s Secret Confession”). Among other capitulations, Obama in denial has left a gift-wrapped nuclear bomb to Iran for them to open in eight years or less. “Do-nothing” Hillary Clinton intends to underscore the gift and invite more terrorists into America.

Millions of Americans sense that Trump would stand up to radical Islam and to Obama’s other destructive policies. For the past eight years, no one in D.C. has effectively opposed Obama’s pro-terrorist Iran agenda. To many Americans Trump is the last man standing.

Hillary Clinton, who enabled a compulsive sexual predator – her husband – to become president, now continues the deceptive “rehabilitation” of Bill Clinton’s image as a beloved Democratic president. How ironic that she now attempts to become president herself by portraying Donald Trump as a sexual abuser. Again she reveals that she will do anything to become president.

We have a very dark pot of a woman calling the kettle – her opponent – black. We ask, who has the darkest, most deceitful lying heart? Does she possess the character to be president? Can America tolerate four more years of presidential abuse on the heels of eight Obama years?

Finally, Hillary Clinton portrays Trump as someone you can’t trust with his finger on the nuclear trigger when she has already shown us what she will do. She supported giving Iran nuclear capability, denying the fact they will soon manufacture a bomb. She let Iran place their finger on the trigger of a nuclear weapon – another great act of enabling that threatens the whole world. God knows what else she will enable, but we do know that she’ll never own up to it. She will succeed Obama as the Great Enabler the Second – never dealing straight with America.

Consider Trump has promised to be the non-enabler of Iran and to do something meaningful about that most destructive agreement in American history. Voters must look beyond the smoke and mirrors of “ain’t Trump some bad sexual dude” to face what’s really at stake in this election.

Understand reality. To withdraw support for Trump at this late date is to support Hillary Clinton. Reality has presented us with two choices. Should we deal with complex reality or simply submit to superficial issues pumped up by the Democrats?

This article originally ran on World Net Daily.

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