Glenn Beck and the self-righteous betray founders’ moral compass

After a newly released 11-year-old videotape surfaced of Donald Trump making crude sexual remarks, conservative radio personality Glenn Beck labeled the Republican presidential nominee an immoral man, a liar and a demagogue who lacks dignity. Beck vehemently declared that he cannot support Trump. He admitted that he considered voting for Hillary Clinton but then denied he would.

To quote—from Beck’s Facebook post, ““I Am Neither Endorsing Nor Voting for Hillary Clinton. It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity. If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice.”

Before long, Beck issued a denial that he would support Clinton.

Yet his condemnation of Trump at this key moment during which the entire world seems to be attacking Trump was simply a pile-on. Read through his denial which in spirit effectively announces, “I am endorsing and voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Unconsciously Beck is betraying himself and America. His unconscious mind—the newly discovered super intelligence—sees far past his conscious blind spots. His super-intel is quick-reading him in the blink of an eye and telling us what it sees via Beck’s quick-speaking in the language of denial and projection.

He demonstrates precisely how this unconscious works—exactly as Jesus demonstrated.

That’s right, none other than Jesus Christ declared there is a deeper moral compass within each person that sees the complete unadulterated truth beyond that seen by our conscious minds. Recall his teaching (to paraphrase), “Be careful about the fault you see in your neighbor because you could be very likely talking about yourself.”

In essence Jesus was talking about projection, saying, you can lie and not know it, but to operate on truth look at what you deny about yourself and see in others. Then look at what faults you see in your neighbor and seriously consider they are more yours than theirs. Especially when you’re looking at a hot button issue with the deeper moral law on the table.

Above all Jesus warned about pride, self-righteousness that refuses to see the truth about oneself. He uses a sexual metaphor that a prostitute seeking mercy was often closer to God, closer to the truth than a self-righteous churchgoer. Centuries ago, Jesus accurately described cutting-edge knowledge in psychology—a true paradigm shift.

We all have a deeper natural law moral compass, the “constitution” of the deeper mind, that operates on fixed laws of human nature embedded by God. It’s just as America’s founders told us. This leads to the most crucial issue of this election: do laws come from God (constitutionalists’ view) or from man (progressives’ view).

Decoding Beck’s per Jesus’ method

Now apply Beck’s denial that he’s neither endorsing nor voting for Hillary, not throwing the election to her. To translate his super-intel language of denial, he is in fact voting for the Democrat. In a two-candidate election, to deny Trump a vote—encouraging millions to follow suit—is to vote for Hillary Clinton. This basic logic consciously escapes Beck.

So who is Hillary Clinton–especially in terms of natural law?

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Let’s start with religion—the basis of our rule of law.  As far a religion goes, she has just demeaned conservative Christians—Catholics and evangelicals—through her surrogates such as Communications Director Jennifer Palmier and supporter John Halpin. Hillary declares that these Christians “don’t understand Christian democracy” and are naive about the central issues to America now—including gender politics.

Conservative Christians, however, operate on a natural law moral compass, the same one our founders did. They are the “Christian democracy.” But now Clinton reinterprets everything in terms of “make up your own rules,” which includes speaking for God—what is and isn’t Christian. Secretly she wants to be God.

Natural law is about the inalienable rights: the protection of life, liberty and the free pursuit of happiness.

But Hillary Clinton is all about diversity and controlling the new morality insisting that laws come from man. In other words, she wants to take our moral compass downward. She makes up her own laws and intends to continue this “progressive” agenda. God’s laws are designed to protect life and liberty while the destructive Democrat agenda allows man to make up his own laws, to decide which ones to obey, which ones to flaunt.

In Hillary Clinton’s world, man gets to redefine Christianity. It’s all about diversity. Christianity is Islam is Hinduism. Christ is Muhammad is Buddha.

Nobody judges anybody, nobody has an identity. We’re all falsely one as we drift into the insanity of life with no boundaries. Open borders, no country, all students are the same, all citizens are to earn the same, no one’s special, we’re a team of mediocrity. Nobody gets awards over others, no one earns high salaries except the leaders. No one gets to keep their hard-earned money, they must share it.  The state is your identity and your God—we tell you who you are and what to do.

Has Donald Trump ever fully advocated such? No, but Barack Obama has, and Hillary Clinton will assuredly continue down that same path.

Obama has not protected life in America nor abroad—life in the streets, life in the inner city, life among police. His national security policy shows he has failed to preserve lives in Iraq or the Middle East. As a result, he gave ISIS its start and let their murderous rage continue while arming Iran and threatening the entire world.

Ours is a culture in crisis, and Hillary will continue the crisis.

Unconsciously Beck seems to know this as indicated in his denial confession, “If she is elected, the world does not end.” In other words, read through his denial: her presidency will be as catastrophic as Obama’s.

For the record Beck unknowingly enabled the Obama presidency. He refused to examine the rule of law question—did Obama legally qualify for the presidency. He enabled the mainstream media to label as a racist anyone with serious rule of law questions about Obama. In fact, Obama could have been stopped at the pass if we had seriously studied the issue. (See my research in my 2012 book, The Obama Confession.)

On the other hand, Trump was the only public figure who stood strongly on that issue, stating that Obama had not proven he was a legal candidate—and importantly had not behaved like one violating laws as he desired.

A final look at natural law. Glenn Beck unconsciously violates our moral compass as he enables the corrupt Hillary Clinton to become president. The stakes include the Supreme Court, the Iran nuclear deal, the faltering economy and our very existence.

And over here is Donald Trump—flawed, limited, but overall espousing our founders’ rule of law—that he operated on by and large in his successful business career. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was in danger of going to jail as a high profile 30-year government official on the dole playing her high stakes global power game with house money. To numerous nations she implied that if they sent her money she would favor them—national security be damned. She’s a globalist who believes in open borders. To keep her email correspondence secret, she used a private server and greatly risked America’s security. For that she could and should have gone to jail.

Beck’s projection

So when Beck declares he cannot support Trump who is arrogant, immoral, lies, lacks dignity and is a demagogue we must do what? At least consider a projection. Under present circumstances, Glenn Beck is guiltier of the things he accuses Trump of than Trump himself.

Beck may have judged Trump somewhat correctly for his sexual foibles, but he did so at the cost of America’s future. He did so at the risk of jeopardizing the restoration of our deeper moral compass.

He has been joined by some in the self-righteous Republican establishment including members of Congress and pastors, many of whom allowed Obama to violate our moral compass for eight years.

Beck and his boys are the ones who’ve rejected America’s rule of law far more than Donald Trump. They are destroying our future, blaming Trump while consciously thinking that they are saving America.

God help us because these blind folks can’t know. As Beck said, “Sometimes I don’t calculate and destroy my own success.” You’re describing the log in your eye, Glenn. Go learn from Jesus about your deeper moral conscience.

For the record Beck’s own Mormon newspaper, The Deseret News in Salt Lake City whose mission is “to be a leading news brand for faith and family-oriented audiences,” commented on Trump’s lewd comments. It revealed the identical blind spot: strongly declaring no support for the immoral Trump but denying the newspaper supported Hillary. Its editors opined to see their comment as “an endorsement of…Hillary Clinton. That is not the case.”  While praising her “extraordinary experience,” they asserted in one more denial that if she won, “we trust she will recognize that is not a mandate for her specific platform.”


Good luck. More naiveté and self-righteousness will eventually destroy America. We’d better understand how deeply our moral compass sees, how clearly our founders advised us to maintain it. To see when we secretly possess the devilish log in our eye.

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