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In our benighted culture, it has ceased to be “self evident” (quote from The Declaration as will be all other unreferenced substantiating quotes) that there is such a thing as “nature and nature’s God.” Question today’s atheistic nonsense—taught in government-schools and governmental landmarks/parks—that nothing times nobody equals everything, and you will be called a right wing religious fanatic. The audacity to openly question evolutionism in science class can get a government-school teacher fired. Because of the ruinous and pervasive governmental indoctrination against natural law, this book may be better to read after one has read the terse 14 page masterpiece (called “Book One”) of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

Paul’s letter to the Romans says, “For when Gentiles who do not have the Law do instinctively the things of the Law, these, not having the Law, are a law to themselves, in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them” (Rom. 2:14-15). While this scripture is not mentioned by Hodges, the ideas in these verses run through nearly every page of Hodges’ book.

To see Hodges extract so much content—from what at first blush appears to be so little—may precipitate suspicion that Hodges is grasping for straws that are not there. But unlike a science like physics where the development is usually rooted in parameters that are conspicuously given, the study of the superintelligence is more subtle and more profound. In that a nation built on God, unalienable rights and metaphysics will prevail over a nation built on agnosticism, rights from government and physics, the superintelligence is more profound. Unfortunately this profundity will not be appreciated by many of the victims of a government education.

But as a physicist—and as an American citizen who cherishes the natural law foundation of American polity—I find Hodges’ book to be a classic. Hodges boldly champions a thesis that disparages the big media and the big government (federal level politicians and judges of both stripes). Where the pundits getting facetime on TV media will ignorantly assert that they have no doubt that Obama is well-intended, the psychiatrist Hodges is not so quick to betray Obama’s own superintelligence. Despite the ridicule that Hodges surely knew he would experience, he courageously attributes malfeasance to Obama’s anti-American policies.

Alas, some “Americans” will hate this book. There are American-in-name-onlys (AINOs, say “eh E no’s”) who actually believe the government indoctrination they’ve received in government-schools. They believe that nothing times nobody equals everything. As they champion the separation of church and state (which is not in The Constitution), these AINOs functionally rally for the unification of the church of atheism and state. So in addition to being hypocrites, the AINOs betray what The Declaration declares to be the “self evident” foundation for the “unalienable rights” of all men.

While Hodges is not the inventor of this modality of psychiatry based on the belief of a powerful unconscious human mind very interested in moral matters, Hodges did advance the associated technology. A result of this technology is The Obama Confession, a political-theological masterpiece which rivals—if not surpasses—even The Declaration.

Early in The Obama Confession, Hodges notes an explicit description made by Obama about himself. In Dreams From My Father, Obama characterizes himself as one possessing “untrammeled fury.” Obama attributes this pathology to his absent father. This is perhaps the single explicit comment about Obama made by Obama’s consciousness that Hodges employs. The balance of Confession is much more inferential.

Hodges notes supporting studies including Jack Cashill’s Deconstructing Obama—which strongly implicates unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama confidant Bill Ayers to be the true author of Obama’s “autobiography”—to establish Obama as a literary fraud. Hodges also alludes to the Sheriff Joe Arpiao investigations to substantiate Obama’s identity documentation fraud. Fittingly—to reinforce the perhaps self-evident assertion that abortion takes a psychological toll on the aborting mothers—Hodges also cites refereed journals like The British Journal of Psychiatry and the Southern Medial Journal in order to make the case for Obama as a moral fraud.

But Obama’s frauds do not end there. In Obama, America has a “president” who claims to march under the banner of “the audacity of hope [for black people in America]” (witness the title of Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope) yet actually marches under the banner “the audacity of racial fraud.” Not only does Obama not meet the Constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen,” Obama likely does not even meet the native born citizen requirement. Hodges’ thoughtprint decoding independently corroborates the Kenyan-born narrative that is supported by remarks by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Kenyan politicians, Kenyan citizens and the threat of violence by Obama’s Kenyan relatives on Dinesh D’Souza’s Obama 2016 crew for having the apparent audacity to investigate the matter.

Yet Obama’s superintelligence does not appreciate a condescending media which holds Obama to virtually no standards. Such is the humiliation from a culture of “affirmative action.” Hodges decodes Obama’s media rebuke to read, “By favoring me, you ignored the rule of equal opportunity, equal accountability and equal justice for all” (p. 287).

A summary statement for the book can be found in the book’s back matter: Hodges believes that the discovery of the super intelligence holds great promise for unifying our nation and solving the cultural values battle, because deep down, everyone has an identical built-in sense of right and wrong.

Even if only half of Hodges arguments are verisimilitudinous, Hodges’ central theses of Obama remain intact. I am willing to bet Obama’s supporters on a dozen theses including

  • Obama felt that he was threatened to be aborted
  • The birth certificate displayed by the Obama administration is fraudulent
  • Obama’s superintelligence believes that human life begins at conception and should be protected by both the parents and the government

But how would we settle these matters? A congressional hearing on the legitimacy of Obama’s identity documents and Obama’s eligibility to the office of President under the Article Two Section One requirements would be a great place to start. Certainly were Obama to align his overt political ideology to respect the foundation of man’s “unalienable rights”—the Judeo-Christian God Himself—and then make a statement relative to the above bulleted claims, would go a long way to settle these matters.

But to defend this last point, I should have a rebuttal to the criticism that I have a double standard in evaluating Obama’s sanctioning of murder in the womb. The reasoning that argues that if Obama’s consciousness confirms Hodges’ opinion of Obama’s superintelligence then Hodges is correct, but if Obama’s consciousness contradicts the same then Hodges is not wrong might seem to be a double standard. But to see that this is not necessarily an illegitimate standard, consider the pro-abortion maxim, “I’m personally against abortion, but publicly I’m not going to tell others that they can’t have an abortion.” It is curious that we do not hear the converse sloganeering: “I’m personally pro-abortion, but publicly I’m not going to tell others it is OK to kill their pre-born babies.” The reason why we do not hear this converse slogan is because our conscience tells us that abortion is murder and to murder our own is just insane. Just as natural law explains the absence of this converse slogan, so natural law explains that Obama’s denial of natural law proves nothing. It is “self evident” that natural law is true and self evident that politicians lie. So the contradiction of Obama’s consciousness with Obama’s subconsciousness is not of equal import with the alternative scenario of Obama’s consciousness repenting and then aligning with Hodges’ analysis of Obama’s superintelligence.

Get Hodges’ masterpiece. It is not only an expose of perhaps the greatest fraud in all history, but it is a treatise on a psycho-therapeutic application of the self evident American notion that we are created by a good God who so deeply cares about mankind that He has made our moral understandings common and profound such that evil doers will invariably tip their hat of their crime. Hodges guides us to see that Obama’s superintelligence (or, as Paul would say, Obama’s conscience) is both our teacher of the superintelligence and the confessor to Obama’s crimes. Whereas Obama’s conscious self is causing a Constitutional and national crisis, Obama’s superintelligence is sounding the alarm, teaching us about this fascinating modality of psychotherapy, confessing Obama’s crimes and beckoning us to return to the “self evident” foundation of “nature and nature’s God.” This book is not merely on expose of Obama, Democrats, Republicans and the media, but it is a perspective on the wisdom of America’s founders to build a country on something no less than the self-evident testimony of natural law.

Whereas Obama had the audacity to commit perhaps history’s greatest fraud, Hodges had the audacity to assert the “self evidency” of “nature and nature’s God.” And along the way, Hodges exposed the entire Obamination.

Dr. Pieder Beeli has a Ph. D. in Physics, is a new creation antinomian (Christian) pastor and the proud father of five beautiful home-schooled children. He has written articles for WND, The American Thinker, Tea Party Nation and The Post and Email.

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