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Can Nick Saban stand this much success?

Before continuing with Chizik’s story we look at the recent achievement of his former chief rival. On the heels of winning three national titles in four years, Nick Saban faces the incredible challenge of going where no college coach has gone — winning three championships in a row. Going to the NFL would have been a retreat, but instead he has chosen to face a bigger challenge.

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The 2012 Season Disaster: Chizik Retreats Part 2

Chizik reveals additional pressures leading to his retreat from success. These included replacing his former boss as head coach, more guilt over firing his friends on the Auburn staff upon arrival, the burden of early success, the murder of two Auburn players prior to the 2012 season. All of these contributed to his becoming more self-sabotaging with discipline problems continuing. Chizik had difficulty setting boundaries in relationships.
Crucial stories in his book “All In” continue to reveal the real story.

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