Washington Insider presents discovery of deeper moral compass to President Clinton

In 1994 U. S. Senate chaplain Richard Halverson was impressed that Dr. Hodges’ book, The Deeper Intelligence, described a crucial paradigm shift in knowledge which could greatly unify America. He personally delivered an autographed copy to then President and Mrs. Clinton (and to several senators).

In a day and age filled with new discoveries Halverson saw a trump card—the deeper mind of man was far more brilliant than we had ever realized and presented a new way of battling blind spots which mislead leaders and citizens as well. He grasped the crucial fact that the super intelligence unequivocally operates on a God-given natural law moral compass. Inbuilt laws ultimately do not come from man.

Halverson grasped how the super intelligence spoke powerfully to our nation’s conscious “cultural values” battles. The super-intel clarified healthy decision making not only for individuals but for our body politic.
His endorsement is on the back cover of the book,


“It is as if God planned this book for this crucial moment in time. Secularism, having ravaged our culture, is now exhausted. At a time when feelings often replace facts as a foundation for faith—as social/cultural order disintegrates and alienation fragments—as moral and spiritual anarchy threatens chaos, The Deeper Intelligence by Dr. Andrew Hodges brings us face to face with reality, transcendent and profoundly temporal. He addresses us with a healing message which is reconciling, restorative, and renewing.” Dr. Richard C. Halverson, Chaplain, U.S. Senate

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