Scary Obama thoughts and law enforcement build-up

We continue to explore Obama’s sequester press conference (March 1st) berating Republicans — and find another spontaneous image from his super intelligence.

Asked whether he couldn’t have pushed negotiations until a deal was reached, Obama replied, “I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway,”

He suggests the secret wish to block the Republicans from the door to the government.  Failing to negotiate, he has made every effort to demonize/crush Republicans to gain total control of the government after the 2014 election. His “have Secret Service” image further suggests a desire to totally control major government law enforcement agencies– to block any opposition.

The frightening image “of blocking the doorway” to those who oppose him suggests progressively ideas of imprisonment/forced containment, and a picture of martial law. Extreme? Likely so for now but equally a potential major warning of his true intent – if everything fell into place.

A New Factor: arming law enforcement agencies
In light of Obama’s power strivings and ominous intentions we pay particular attention to the continued militarization of law enforcement.  The extraordinary arming of various law enforcement agencies prompts concern. All toll the government has recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (including millions of hollow-point bullets), and 7,000 automatic assault rifles for federal agents. (Local police forces have also been arming themselves with military-style equipment.)

The concern is not over just the number of bullets but the number of federal agents who can use bullets to deal with citizens.

In 2008 we had more than 70 different federal law enforcement agencies which now employ approximately 135,000 to 145,000 federal officers with arrest and firearms authority. The Department of Homeland Security – a conglomeration of multiple agencies – has grown to more than 65,000 agents and contends with the FBI, ATF, and DEA for funding. Alone DHS placed an order for 450 million rounds which approximates 7,000 rounds per agent.

With a 765,000 total state and local law enforcement officials according to 2008 statistics, one in six to seven law enforcement officers works directly for the federal government. today. And the feds can effectively conscript the growing numbers of state and local law enforcement to assist them in given operations.

WND’s Joseph Farah in 1999 referred to the huge number of armed federal agents (then “only 80,000”) as “the virtual standing army over which the founding fathers had nightmares.”

Then we have another unusual recent event. Last month reported a Minnesota-based manufacturer produced cardboard cutout targets designed to “desensitize police” to “nontraditional threat targets.” The targets included pregnant women, children, older people and other civilians in neighborhood settings — all holding guns. The company reported law enforcement designed and ordered the targets.

In your wildest imagination who in law enforcement needs desensitization to such targets?

Even people on the left have expressed concern. Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the left-wing Code Pink “social justice movement” in a recent WABC radio interview with host Aaron Beck, called the potential abuse by the Obama administration’s huge domestic police power  “extremely troubling.”  She saw the potential for military style control in America. She also identified the administration’s fear tactic of an imminent terrorist attack as a manipulative ploy to massively arm law enforcement.

Some conservative groups are not concerned about the growing federal police power.  “I don’t think it’s a dark conspiracy,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, “I just don’t understand the need for all that firepower.” A comment which certainly leaves room for major denial

Understand we unconsciously deny massive fear and potential horror staring us in the face as much as humanly possible. Certainly the mainstream media reflects such denial about this covert arming of our supposed protectors — while the alternative media has been shouting about it.

Now we return to Obama’s own mind for his further opinion.

A major clue from the past
Recall Obama’s earlier words which importantly he made spontaneously strongly pointing toward an unconscious confession. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military].”

What exactly was he thinking and why? Undeniably this was extreme: a civilian force just as well funded and strong as our military – implying majorly armed. The question is what exactly was Obama secretly confessing about his future plans? His unconscious super intelligence suggests a warning from a very dangerous Obama. 

Recent words/images from Obama
We certainly have his immediate words from the March 1st sequester press conference as a guide to what he is unconsciously thinking. Once more let these powerful “right-brain” images sink in: “dictator…president,” “force Republicans,” “apocalypse coming,” evil “horns on his head” and a “Jedi mind-meld” trick linked to a big war with high stakes.

Remember the key to Obama’s mind and his secret mission remains the special symbolic “right-brain” language of “images” (and stories) by which his super intelligence communicates.

First inaugural address: key revelation
And we have his past words from not long ago in his first inaugural address — even more ominous filled with fierce images — warning us of his secret hostility toward America. His words/images suggest both his attack on the constitution as an illegal president and predict his economic assault which we have witnessed – but they take us far beyond that. A fresh look points toward social chaos.

The sheer number of violent images especially in his first inaugural address is stunning:

“mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors…”

“Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter…to assure the rule of law…a charter expanded by the blood of generations.”

“In the year of America’s birth…a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires….The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood.”

Notice Obama’s preoccupation with bloodshed. Was his super-intel also talking about now, the present in disguise– the bloodshed of true patriots on the horizon with a president who secretly has abandoned his office? (Another key image confirming his illegal presidency – no real president in the White House.)

In addition to references to war on American soil, we find clear images of civil unrest and fascism along with two references to civil war.

“earlier generations faced down fascism…with missiles and tanks…and enduring convictions”

“they fought and died, in places like [Concord and] Gettysburg”

“we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war… old hatreds shall someday pass” 

Then we have more menacing images of leaders:

“those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents”
(Obama suggests a central tactic of exploitation of terrifying events to sabotage America.)

“leaders…who seek to sow conflict, or blame their…ills on the West”

“each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.” (suggesting how Obama uses his energy)

“we reject as false the choice between our safety and our [his?] ideals”
(suggesting that unconsciously he rejects the choice of our safety)

“the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms” (suggesting ‘Storm Obama’ that hit America)

Now for perhaps the most frightening image and biggest super-intel warning — issued at the beginning of his speech:

“So it must be with this generation of Americans…. that we are in the midst of crisis…Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred”

(Obama suggests that he would potentially use some “crisis” – likely a terrifying crisis of violence – to carry out untoward plans. He referenced “crisis” four times in his speech and the idea “our nation is at war” suggests he is secretly at war with America and extremely angry. Also he unconsciously points to his personal crisis/background trauma which inclined him to blame his own “ills” on the West – America.)

Behavioral Images
We find frequent references to shocking unexpected behavior which suggest Obama’s tendencies.

“some…question the scale of our ambitions…who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans.”

“What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them

“this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market [read the president] can spin out of control”

Super Intelligence Guidance

As always, Obama’s super intelligence (guided by a deeper moral compass) suggests ways to stand up to him and the danger he presents.

“work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat, and roll back the specter of a warming planet.”
(Americans must recognize Obama’s anger – being heated up — and never yield to his catastrophic threat to America.)

“the country, alarmed at one common danger [Obama], came forth to meet [it].”

“In the face of our common dangers [repeated] in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words”

“we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.”
(Obama’s super-intel again suggests a severe warning: anticipate an unexpected attack, be prepared to protect freedom and once more your very safety is at risk.)

Taking all these images together as a forensic profiler, I am impressed that Obama has cautioned America beyond belief of the enormous capability of his buried rage. We should be on maximum alert for any potential of abuse of power by Obama, especially the physical power of law enforcement and the military he has at his disposal. From beginning to end his inaugural address was replete with violence.

Alarming Obama trends – weakening and strengthening
And his behavior shouts at us. The background of murderous drone attacks he personally took delight in supervising – a suggestion of just how furious he is.

On the foreign front we have Obama’s pattern of weakening America’s military while strengthening our enemies (referenced in inaugural address). The whispering to the Russians. The plan to destroy our nuclear arms. The weakening of the military with budget cuts —  extended further by sequester cutbacks.

On the home front, we have a similar phenomenon: the attempts to weaken citizens’ ability to protect themselves taking away their guns while arming federal (and local) law enforcement to the max.

Throw into the mix the seemingly extreme idea of using drones on the American people but still a possibility and we have yet another issue of war against the citizens.

Recent hints
Are there any more hints from Obama’s super intelligent right-brain which raise further concerns? Indeed there are.

Not long after his sequester comments Obama reveals his fantasy of going to Israel in disguise wearing a “faux” moustache to  interact with regular citizens. We have the “moustache president” along with the “faux president” – a president in disguise who fools people. Again he suggests strongly an illegal president but much more.

He then tells us that his plan for wearing a disguise “becomes a lot trickier once you’re actually president.” Read “a lot trickier president” – and appreciate his other recent comment of pulling “a Jedi mind-meld trick” on Republicans. Two consecutive specific references to being a tricky president (and again raising the question if he’s “actually president”).

Our antennae should really go up now. Especially when he brings in Israel — itself a country on pins and needles surrounded by danger.

And that “blamed moustache” specifically linked to a disguised President Obama combined with a recent image of a “dictator president” and an “apocalypse” alarmingly brings several frightening dictators to mind, one especially.

Remember, too, Obama was an Alinsky trainer. And Alinsky’s motto was “trick” – deception from within – followed by revolution and social chaos.

Unconscious motivation
Understand Obama does not consciously know the depth of his anger and what he’s capable of but his super intelligence does and has told us.

The question is how far could his anger go? What does he envision in his true heart of hearts – his deep unconscious?

One thing we can say for certain is that America is in a very precarious place. And such an angry wounded president arming a civilian force to the maximum when speaking of an apocalypse, evil on the horizon and a dictator president –along with his need to control law enforcement  — presents an extreme warning.

As Obama said on another occasion when he sang (confessed) to America—“You guys didn’t believe I would do it and I told you I was going to do it.” An arrogant, cocky, narcissistic president trying to paper over his wounds with such pseudo-masculine behavior represents a threat unlike any president in our history. Indeed his is a historic presidency. And the great history of the United States is at risk.

Obama’s super intelligence continues to tell the secret story of his danger – make the same hidden confession. Can we hear it? Once more he warned us, “America’s future depends on education.”  (Fathers’ Day 2008) In the context of his repeated unconscious confession he meant: become educated to my right-brain messages which reveal my deepest motivations if you want to know the depth of my pain and want to protect America.

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