Cruz is servile puppy dog for Hillary

Behind the hullabaloo created by Ted Cruz’s July 20 speech at the Republican convention in which he refused to endorse Trump, there is a much deeper story.

In the speech and comments afterward, Cruz communicated unsettling messages to Trump and to citizens, messages which he does not grasp consciously.

Our minds operate on two separate levels – conscious and unconscious. The conscious mind is prone to blind spots while the unconscious mind possesses a brilliant super intelligence that quick-reads the truth, communicates between the lines in code and guides.

There are two abiding principles of decoding blind spots: understand denial and projection.

Jesus covered both in his famous interpretation that the fault we see in our neighbor can be the unconscious log our eye. Unknowingly, we can deny our faults and then project them – but deep down our super intelligence knows exactly what they are.

Read through Cruz’s numerous “thou doth protest too much” denials and consider his projections to hear his super-intel confess his true intentions. He reveals a major log in his eye. This is Ted Cruz’s unconscious quick-read on himself specifically about his decision against voting for Trump.

Cruz commented on his speech, “It wasn’t so much about Donald Trump.” He implies a denial confession. What he’s actually saying is “my comments were mostly related to Donald Trump.” Deep down Cruz is also telling us “much” about himself.

Later Cruz defended his speech insisting he never said one bad word about Donald Trump. The overriding message of his speech included plenty of bad words about Trump.

Cruz added, “I won’t be talking negative about Trump going forward.” In other words, his denial confession confirms he will indeed continue uttering bad words about Donald Trump in the future – because his words live on. His negative effect on Trump will carry on into the election, given Cruz’s significant influence among voters.

Notice Cruz’s key image – “bad word.” In essence, he’s confessing that at the Republican convention he gave his “bad word.” He didn’t keep his “good word,” which he had given in the nationally televised loyalty oath pledge to his party in August 2015. It was a pledge – a word of honor – that he also made to Donald Trump personally that night and Trump to him.

In a response to a personal accusation that he had not honored that pledge, Cruz replied in denial again: “[I will] not get in a screaming match [with you],” he said. “I believe in treating people with civility.” His denial confession reveals that Cruz saw himself in a screaming match with Trump, shouting, “I will not keep my promise.” All this against his deeper moral compass wisdom, which advises to treat Trump with civility and get over your anger.

After being asked if he would vote for Trump, Cruz answered, “I can tell you, I’m not voting for Hillary.” His denial confession was clear. In effect, he admits he is supporting Hillary with his secret words and actions because he’s not voting for Trump.

The logical reality: It’s a two-person race – you vote directly or indirectly for one or the other – either by not voting, or by casting a ballot for a minor-party candidate. Logic in short supply indicates a blind spot.

Unconsciously in a projection, Cruz’s super-intel corrects his blind spot in his moral compass. Defending his comment on conscience, he asked, “What does it say when you stand up and say vote your conscience and rabid supporters of our party say, ‘What a horrible thing to say?’”

Quick-reading himself, Cruz’s super-intel answers, “You did a horrible thing in not voting your true deeper conscience, your word. Not standing up for doing the right thing – and you’re still too rabid about the Republican primaries you lost. Your surface blind spot conscience misleads you.”

In his speech, Cruz had another “log in his eye,” self-correction moment. He again confesses to precisely what he has done speaking of “a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises, and that ignores the will of the people.” He clearly broke his promise to Trump and the RNC, and now he’s ignoring the will of the people – the millions he’s addressing at that moment.

In another projection Cruz suggests just how angry he is at Trump: “Partisan rancor, anger, even hatred, are tearing America apart. We have to do better. We owe our fallen heroes more than that.” His decision against supporting Trump is indeed tearing America apart, undermining potential Republican supporters. Cruz, the fallen hero, owes himself more than that.

He confesses unconsciously that he’s angrier over losing the nomination than about Trump’s insults over Cruz’s family for another simple reason. Cruz insulted Trump’s wife first – which most have overlooked. He started the “screaming match.”

Before the Republican primary vote in Utah, Cruz’s PAC ran ads featuring a picture of a scantily clad Melania Trump from a GQ magazine article years before. In essence, his PAC called Trump’s wife indecent, a sexpot.

Trump responded, “Your wife is not so pretty, look at her face.” In other words, Trump was saying, “Look yourself in the face, Ted. I called her a name after your boys called Melania names.”

Be clear who started the insults – Cruz – who remains in denial about it. He should have shut his PAC’s ad down the next day even if he never knew about it – and immediately apologized to Melania and to Donald Trump.

We can also read Trump’s seemingly off-the-wall message about Cruz’s father being involved in the assassination of JFK. Take it as an unconscious symbolic message to Cruz, “You’re trying to destroy my presidential candidacy. Attack me, I attack your father.”

Many thought Cruz self-destructed in his convention speech. His unconscious guides him how to redeem himself. His super-intel’s counsel is to keep your good word, do the right thing and vote your good conscience, show civility and be a unifier not a destroyer. Turn the other cheek and vote Trump loudly.

Crux offers one last powerful denial finally declaring, “I won’t be a servile puppy dog for Trump” – and vote for him. Read his denial confession this way, “I should serve Donald Trump as I promised, not dog it.”

“Serve” others is a big part of Cruz’s Christian creed. Reading through his denial deep in his heart Cruz’s keyword “servile” to Donald Trump suggests he truly wants to serve as Jesus himself did.

That would mean an apology, an affirmation with his vote that Trump is worthy of Cruz’s forgiveness and God’s. He could start by asking Trump for his forgiveness, too.

He could also take a lesson from Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly, who had a tête-à-tête with Trump after a bitter exchange. Still she called Trump up, visited his office and made peace. A surprised Trump responded well, admiring Kelly’s courage. He revealed a lot about himself admitting, “I couldn’t have done that.”

Cruz could have a similar effect.

It would be a great moment for all Americans, an encouragement to millions of voters to think about Trump with law and order, national security, and the next Supreme Court all at stake. All constitutional issues.

And if not, if he doesn’t keep his word, here is the outcome. By indirectly encouraging millions to vote for her one way or the other in this two-person race, Cruz would still be a “servile dog” – namely Hillary’s.

Unto whom much is given – especially power and influence – much is required.

This article first appeared on World Net Daily

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