Patsy’s Death Bed Confession?

Six days after Patsy Ramsey’s death, her attorney Lin Wood on “Larry King Live” (6/30/06) reported Patsy’s last comment about the case just before her death, “I hope the police hurry up and catch the killer, I’m about to conk out.” Wood went on to say, “So there was no death bed confession.” Reading between the lines had Wood picked up on the significance of her comment and unconsciously confessed for her through his denial–a typical way of revealing hidden truths. Was Patsy secretly yearning to confess all the way to the end but couldn’t bring herself to do it? Was Lin Wood secretly yearning to reveal the truth for reasons of his own?

World-renowned psychoanalyst Robert Langs whose breakthrough clinical work formed the basis for the “thoughtprint decoding” approach of profiling (also known as “profile decoding”) noted, “I have long thought that there was a major connection between deep unconscious guilt and cancer.” In this light O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran died of brain cancer within 7 years of getting the guilty Simpson off (see Simpson profile page). Could Cochran have secretly carried a great deal of buried guilt for his participation in the O.J. verdict?

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