Journalists confess: Hillary’s violations mirror Obama’s illegal presidency

The recent discovery of an unconscious super intelligence reveals we accurately perceive events subliminally hundreds of times faster than our conscious mind.

As explained in my book The Deeper Intelligence, the super-intel tells the truth our conscious minds overlook, and that truth pours out in a psycholinguistic language of projections, denials and repeated matching imagery which I call thoughtprints.

Specifically it observes a precise event and weaves an encoded message about it.

The late Richard C. Halverson—an esteemed Washington insider and U.S. Senate Chaplain—called the super intelligence a revelation from God at this crucial time. Its natural law moral compass matches author Jonathan Cahn’s final conclusion in his best-seller The Harbinger: America must re-embrace natural law to survive.

Previously I have documented how the super-intel communicates in forensic profiling and in political profiling of leaders’ communications.

When journalists subconsciously pick up on a story which they missed, their super-intel often tells about it with a displaced story about someone else or another situation alluding to the more important matter.  It’s as if they’re playing a “sounds-like” journalistic game of charades.

Several elite journalists recently revealed that they unconsciously picked up on a major story, a story they simply did not want to see but which their super-intel insisted on telling.

One recent article stands head and shoulders above the rest leading the way to the truth.

In a stunning commentary published on March 24, 2016, Roger L. Simon—founder of—underscored the crucial matter of the rule of law involving Hillary Clinton.

He insisted the magnitude of her alleged violations of national security via unsecured emails and influence-peddling to foreign nationals went far beyond similar violations by Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, both nearly impeached.

Unconsciously Simon suggests his concern about Hillary Clinton’s presidential eligibility in 2016 represents a thinly disguised secret cover for what really happened in the 2008 election with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Place the Clinton story as a template over the 2008 Obama candidacy and we find it fits perfectly with all the specific details.

The evidence is startling that Simon’s subconscious quick-read skills picked up on a far more threatening Obama story—one that he had embarrassingly missed and one that put America’s future in jeopardy.

Stuck in the back of Simon’s mind was the realization that Obama’s presidency began with an enormous legal issue in which the rule of law was brazenly flaunted. It’s as if Simon’s super-intel shouts at the world—and himself—in a shocking déjà vu.

Unknowingly he has uncovered the most powerful secret story in the history of America.

On the surface talking about 2016, Simon said, “This is far and away the most important issue of the election. All others pale compared to it.” In other words, it’s the most important issue in any election.

How it’s resolved “will affect the very backbone of our country—the rule of law. No democratic society can exist without it. No person, no matter how high, can be above it. Without the rule of law, the United States of America as we know it does not exist.”

‘Guilty person in the White House’
Those who care about America, he insists, want no “guilty person in the White House.”  Simon’s blatant imagery suggests there is one there now.

But he “fears Democrats don’t care.” Their leaders have “no tough questions for a candidate who lied under oath.” He sees “journalists tip-toeing around truth” reflecting cowardice, “a presidential opponent indifferent to the truth lying that people don’t care [about the rule of law],” and Democrats laughing—“on the grave of our country, now in a drastic free fall.”

Unconsciously Simon saw the question of Obama’s legal citizenship was quickly swept under the rug in 2008—and with it the rule of law. Simon lists the guilty parties: both political parties, the press, the opposing candidates and the courts. In short the entire political establishment.

Simon’s perceptive super-intel sees that America and its media lost their backbone by rejecting natural law in 2008 with the shallow vetting of Obama.

He implies Obama was an illegal candidate—a foreign national selfishly peddling influence as the first black president. Simon suggests that Obama lied to the people about his own unique key communication—the birth certificate, a vulnerable untrustworthy document—violating the Constitution and national security from the get-go.

Simon’s super-intel urgently warns that the question has dramatically shifted. Will the rule of law be broken by a current Democratic candidate? No, the real question is has it already been broken by Obama. Simon implies a secret World War III is well underway, and we and the media have overlooked the recent surprise attack by a secret foreigner.

Simon’s article then envisions a tainted president, newly inaugurated in 2017, whom half the public knows “should been indicted,” and shortly new evidence emerges leading to a potential impeachment.

He declares, “It’s a catastrophe for the world—an absent American leader when needed most in a time as dangerous as WW II.”

Decoding Simon’s super-intel imagery we find more specific details about Obama’s presidency—confirming the deeper story.

At Obama’s inauguration many citizens (“half the public”) thought he was an illegal foreign-born president. More evidence emerged when Obama finally produced a complete birth certificate. Independent document examiners quickly determined it to be a forgery, but the media and Congress ignored the findings. The people didn’t. Talk of impeachment surfaced but dissipated.

A shocking cover-up had occurred leaving an illegal president in office and the powers-that-be ignoring the entire matter while the people felt helpless.

Indeed it was a catastrophe: an absent president— and on top of that an absent leader of the free world— failing to protect us or our allies. He has become a threat to world peace who enabled violence and chaos in the Middle East, chaos that is now spreading to Europe.  The media refused to tell the story they should be telling nightly, a story Simon himself still cannot consciously recognize that he failed to see.

The true Obama legacy: Secret Mussolini

Simon’s super-intel ends powerfully by linking this matter to Obama. He warns Obama to keep his sticky hands out of an FBI/DOJ investigation.  In other words, his hands were all over the 2008 election when he ignored the Constitution by violating the rule of law. Now Obama “can forget about a legacy.”

Simon’s final message to Obama, “call Donald Trump Mussolini if you want but…he doesn’t hold a candle to you.” Obama’s the dictator president who took the law into his own hands and sent America reeling toward self-destruction, just as Mussolini ruined his native Italy. The America we all thought we knew no longer exists until we restore the rule of law.

What now? Simon’s super-intel guides us: no person above the law; no guilty person in the White House; the future of America depends on it.

It’s too late for impeachment now, but Obama must be held accountable for what he did. In the past as a nation we thought we could get away with slavery and then segregation—violating natural law. We solved the last problem when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke for all: America must apply the same colorblind law of freedom to all and cease violating it.

Out of deep residual guilt in 2008 Americans understandably allowed the “first black president” rule to supplant the rule of law, and Obama was never fully vetted. Now we must return to the idea that nobody’s above the rule of law. Many enabled Obama, but he alone must face the consequences if he deviated from the moral compass.

Simon emphasizes that rule-breaking has consequences. America’s leaders are caught up in a self-sabotaging cycle. One bad decision in which they failed America—enabling Obama—leads to another “guilt begets guilt/ “deserve punishment” cycle. That’s a major reason they’ve tolerated years of presidential abuse by Obama. Until it’s made conscious, it will continue.

Simon’s unconscious wisdom implies that Obama should still be independently investigated by the government. For the sake of America’s future, we must face the truth.

Secretly Simon reveals how the super-intel operates in a journalist who insists on telling the truth to America and to himself. As a result it’s one of the most important political articles in history.

For the record, however, Simon unconsciously predicts Obama—the continual law-breaker—will act to prevent any indictment of Hillary Clinton, if necessary.

Explains media hatred of Trump
Simon also explains the media’s animus toward Donald Trump. Recall that Trump was the only prominent American who consistently accused Obama of being born in Kenya. Although he made those statements long before becoming a presidential candidate, Trump’s stand demonstrated the kind of courage and leadership our country needs. It was truly a presidential moment. As a result, Trump creates enormous secret guilt in these elite reporters who failed to protect America.

Intuitively WND has recently suggested revisiting the matter of Obama’s eligibility ( It’s possible that—after witnessing Obama’s repeated presidential abuse of the law—Americans may now be ready to face the question.

Not surprisingly, several other journalists have unconsciously perceived the same thing that Simon did about Obama’s egregious violation. Their super-intel insists on telling the truth they missed. Columnist David Brooks and writers from the Atlantic monthly and the National Review all unconsciously confessed to enabling Obama to evade constitutional requirements. As leading reporters, they failed to tell the unbiased truth to their readers. These journalists are all unknowingly furious with Trump for standing up for the rule of law in the face of an illegal president.  This colors their take on Trump significantly.

Consider the scariest twist of all for them. As president, Trump could boldly launch an official investigation into the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Trump —no stranger to tackling big deals—could be the one person in America capable of helming such a probe. Imagine how deeply that alarms elite journalists whose failure would be completely exposed, and they’d no longer be able to escape into their secret den of denial.

If we do not see the high price our nation pays when its leaders violate the rule of law, subliminal guilt and self-sabotage will continue. For example the Republican establishment may well sabotage the 2016 election and split the party asunder if it does not handle the presidential nomination with kid gloves. Any sense that the peoples’ will has been violated will destroy the GOP—and hand the election to the Democrats.

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