Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

Forensic Thoughtprints

Fingerprints. Blood type. Fibers. Handwriting analysis. Voice prints. DNA. Investigators have a growing arsenal of weapons with which to fight crime and secure justice. Now we have another—thoughtprints.

Dr. Hodges’ ground—breaking investigative technique gives a foretaste of how criminal investigations will eventually be done as investigators learn to utilize the most capable part of the human mind. Indeed we now have a new way of profiling that can lead investigators to perpetrators while explaining motives. By decoding messages piece by piece, word by word, investigators can uncover the motives and hidden agendas of perpetrators.

Dr. Hodges’s work is heartily endorsed by specialists in the fields of criminal justice and psychology. This new capability of the unconscious mind has been well documented in extensive psychological research and is now beginning to be appreciated

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