Obama’s Hidden Mind

Obama’s Hidden Mind

Ever wonder what’s hidden in Obama’s unconscious mind—commonly referred to as “the other 90 per cent” of the mind—completely outside his conscious awareness? Is the so-called unconscious important or is it just an emotional wastebasket for primitive emotions and fantasies disconnected from reality?

In that light we remember Malcolm Gladwell’s 2003 best-seller Blink in which he described a “new” quick-read unconscious that alerts us to its ability to phenomenally rapid process information via sudden instincts.  In one striking story Gladwell described a fire chief instinctively and quickly realizing that his men were in danger while putting out a kitchen fire. He ordered them out of the room moments before the floor collapsed into a larger fire on the floor below. Later he processed that inexplicable lightning-fast instinct, talking for an hour with a psychologist to grasp the clues which his quick-read mind had unconsciously perceived.

Gladwell also told the “two ropes story” which hinted at a far better and deeper way to our inner genius in the unconscious. A psychology professor hung two ropes from the ceiling of his classroom and placed them too far apart to reach. He asked his students how they might get the two ropes together. No one got the obvious answer—swing one rope and catch it standing by the other.  He then gave them a subtle hint by subtly brushing against one rope while lecturing. Before long while several students came up with the answer but none of them had any conscious awareness of seeing him move the rope. They didn’t know what their quick-read mind had seen. So how do we learn what we see unconsciously? How do we learn what we don’t even know that we see?

More to the point, what does Barack Obama Jr.’s quick-read unconscious see that he doesn’t know he sees—about himself? Clinical research as a psychiatrist taught me the answer long before Gladwell’s published Blink.  I had thoroughly explained it in my 1994 book, The Deeper Intelligence. Patients in therapy had demonstrated that the brilliant unconscious speaks in a patterned encoded language. First the deeper mind quick-reads, and then it quick-speaks. For example a patient consciously thinking he doesn’t need further therapy, unconsciously quick-reads that he has unfinished business in therapy and gets around his conscious blind spot by unconsciously patterning an “unfinished business” series of messages. For instance, he’ll discuss his need to complete a remodeling project on his house. He’ll talk about his daughter who wants to quit school but needs to stick it out. We learned that patients were quick-reading themselves constantly (in regard to major triggers) and telling us about it. They would request one thing but unconsciously quick-read and quick-speak with a different opinion. In another clinical example a patient would request an appointment change, but her unconscious would quick-read why it was a mistake, She’d repeat a series of “keep the stability” messages (e.g. “my boss always disrupts our schedule”) to address her blind spot and overcome her fear of “stability” or commitment.

In short, we discovered the unconscious super intelligence—a secret inner genius we all possessed. We learned that it spoke in its own secret language far ahead of mere instincts. Now aware that Obama possesses a super-intel—a genius of a mind vastly beyond his conscious IQ—we find that he is constantly quick-reading himself and secretly telling the American people who he really is. Obama’s super-intel speaks in a secret symbolic language just as patients do in therapy. He uses a “repeat the message” method in key stories or images to circumvent his limited conscious mind.

Either you know the magnificent super-intel exists or you don’t. That is where we are in this modern 21st century: we have a “you’re not going to believe this” quick-read quick-speak 21st century mind—truly a super intelligence. Those are the facts. Once you’re willing to start there you can hear the most unbelievable story in American history—straight from Obama’s deeper mind.

That’s why I worked from Obama’s verbatim communications—key speeches and letters which he wrote himself or totally supervised—in my recent book The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury. Those words provided the framework to understand his actions. Whether it’s listening to leaders or forensic profiling or in psychotherapy, a person’s own words reveal their super-intel speaking.

In these key communications Obama first established the existence of his super intelligence to alert us to its messages. Until you know it’s there, you can’t hear it.

Vividly in his inaugural address in 2009, Obama unconsciously described the super-intel as a life-changing new technology; new electric grids and digital lines that greatly enhance communication.  He further described it as elevating science to its rightful place, implying that we’re in a new scientific day and age of unconscious communication. And indeed the “new” unconscious mind communicates in a verifiable scientific way.


He further declared, “We will harness the sun”—suggesting the light of the super intelligence. First notice how Obama unconsciously repeats his word pictures of the super-intel to make his case. He insisted that the super intelligence will transform our schools, emphasizing that new education about it is everything to America’s future. The fact is that if we fail to hear his brilliant unconscious—which alone knows the truth about him—we’ll miss the extreme danger he presents and his attacks on America.

Next he will tell us what motivated his untoward actions toward America.

But first one more warning from Obama. He underscores that we need to work hard to understand his inner genius, his super intelligence, which is speaking to America. In his Fathers’ Day speech in 2008 he unconsciously informed us that limited education wasn’t enough, and that we needed to “get our butts back to the library” and learn. Specifically he insists that all of us—those in authority, the media, and citizens—must learn about the new super-intel for the good of our nation. Understanding what all new discoveries require, Obama challenged us: be prepared to think. “There’s a lot to learn,” he said. Indeed, we face an enormous educational challenge to fully realize the potential of the super intelligence. By rising to that challenge, however, we can transform our understanding of what it means to be human and the hidden brilliance we all possess.