Obama uses death ploy—plays on our greatest fear

Obama uses death ploy—plays on our greatest fear

The Obama campaign—with his blessing—has again played on the voters’ deepest personal fear. In a recent advertisement, the president’s campaign blamed Mitt Romney for the death of a wife of a Bain Capital employee. The ad attributed her terminal cancer to the loss of insurance benefits. Essentially, Romney was labeled a killer.

Don’t think Obama is not involved in such strategy. Yet if we pay attention this ill-founded accusation takes us to the heart of Obama’s own personal psychology and his secret genius. Like all people he possesses a brilliant deeper mind, an inner genius I have called the super intelligence. This super-intel is far superior to the conscious mind, an IQ that’s off the charts. Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” defined it as a “dazzling new unconscious.” Gladwell told convincing stories of people instinctively making blink-of-the-eye decisions after quickly and correctly reading certain situations in amazing depth. The super intelligence is dazzling indeed. While psychology largely remains in denial of such a mind, clinical research in which I participated reveals this super-intel exists and has much to teach us in a practical, hands-on way.

We see this in Obama’s death-threat politics. Resorting to a familiar Democratic Party tactic—claiming that “we’re the only ones who care about keeping people alive”—Obama reveals his secret genius while unconsciously pointing us to his central weakness.

Wherever you look the most powerful topic we deal with is death. We read daily about tragedies, about the death of celebrities, worry about soldiers killed in war, and it is not far from any of our daily conversations. Attend any church or Sunday School class and what do they do? Visit the sick, pray for those who are ill and hold funerals. As a medical doctor, I am well aware of constant health concerns and the power of death to motivate people.

Back to Obama. If we pay attention his secret inner genius has told us all about how the threat of death overshadows his entire life. Even more than most people he has reasons to fear it. Surrounded by death literally and symbolically, having suffered innumerable personal traumas and psychological abandonments at an early age, it secretly controls his life. (In the mind abandonment/separation is a form of death, a pre-cursor). I uncovered this by applying my forensic profiling method and listening to Obama’s quick-read super intelligence tell us all about it. In the end I am a reporter who knows how to hear his inner genius which reveals his real issues and his ultimate motivations. His super intelligence tells us what drives him.

One major key is listening to the stories people tell and the spontaneous images they use. (The super intelligence speaks in its own symbolic language and is not limited to instincts as Gladwell believed.) In his autobiographical memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama wrote about frightened powerless abandoned children he had seen in Jakarta, Nairobi, and Chicago and how that controlled their lives. He was alluding to the threat of death. He spoke of how short a step it was to “untrammeled fury” in such children. Anger over such helplessness, and an expression of power to compensate. In real ways Obama was describing himself as I referenced in my recent book, “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury.” Before fully examining his anger later we need a much deeper understanding of his fear and grief.

By endorsing a portrayal of Romney as a man who threatens people’s lives, Obama reveals both his primal fear of an abrupt death and his resulting anger. We don’t talk much about the end of life which surrounds us but since Obama and his minions introduced it we must take a serious look at the influence of death itself on this flawed president, and how it significantly shaped his life and politics.

If we can look deeper with an open mind as Obama previously encouraged on the matter of abortion (another powerful death issue) we can see his inner genius profoundly teaching us all about this painful but undeniable end-of-life reality. Introducing the matter early in his campaign was no accident, and if we step back the ever-present reality of death plays no minor role in politics. Simply think of a major concern many have—will America survive Obama’s onslaught of our way of life. Survival.

One last thought. Obama knows for certain if Obamacare stands, it will result in parceling of medical care and death panels. After his presidency ends, other leaders will face that issue. Meanwhile, Obama’s attempt to label Romney the “Angel of Death” suggests a projection and a huge log in his own eye. Both a confession to the American people of where his plans lead and a simultaneous cover-up. Never underestimate the human mind’s capacity for such trickery.